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Welcome to the Journal of Educational Leadership in Action (ELA) and our second faculty/student issue (Volume 5, Issue 1).  We welcome your readership and encourage you to submit for future publication(s). This issue reflects diversity in content and authorship. We look forward to hearing from you!

Editors, Journal of Educational Leadership in Action (ELA)

From Railways to Radiators: How Support Teams Can Use Special Interests to Promote Success Among Individuals with Autism

Student Article by Maggie Bredlau

Alternative Ways for Treating the Characteristics of Autism without the Use of Medication

Student Article by Heather Coleman

Historical Practices and Modern Interpretations: Understanding the Wai Khru Ceremony as a Thai Educational and Cultural Tradition

Faculty Article by Ryan V. Guffey, Ph.D. and Anothai Kaewkaen, MFA

The Impact of Federal Level Special Education Policy Internships in Preparing Special Education Faculty: A Preliminary Investigation

Faculty Article by Katie Miller, Lisa A. Finnegan, Wilfred Wienke, and Angel Lopez

Use of Technology for Children with Autism: Academic Success in the Least Restrictive Environment

Faculty Article by Laura Scott

Leading Through Logic Modeling: Capturing the Complexity

Faculty Article by Ann Sebald and Heidi Frederiksen

Housekeeping Chores or the Quality Education: The Dilemmas Faced by Lectures in Public Universities in Kenya

Faculty Article by Zedekia Sidha and Justine Magutu

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