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Missouri Policy Journal

About The Journal

The journal is focused on issues relevant to Missouri policy makers as well as the public interested with the complexities associated with policy making. The journal strives to present articles in a detached and analytical manner but written so they can be read by the educated adult reader. ISSN: 2330-930X

Number 5 - Summer / Fall 2017

This is the fifth issue of the Missouri Policy Journal and we are proud of reaching this many issues knowing that more are planned for the years ahead.

Number 4 - Fall / Winter 2016-17

This is our fourth issue and we are well along planning the next three issues of the journal.

Number 3 - Summer / Fall 2015

The three articles in our third included in this issue, again represent a variety of issues important to Missouri.

Number 2 - Fall / Winter 2014-15

Welcome to our second issue; this is an important one because with it, we begin to look like the established journal we want to become with regular issues appearing twice a year.

Number 1 - Fall / Winter 2013-14

This is the inaugural issue of the Missouri Policy Journal. In the “Guidelines for Authors” are the words “detached” and “analytical,” which we will strive to achieve.

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