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The Lindenwood Review is the literary journal of Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, produced by the university’s MFA in Writing program. The journal is published annually; fiction, poetry, and personal essays may be submitted from July 1 through October 1 via Submittable (no fee). Submissions are welcome from both new and established writers. Our poetry editor is looking for contemporary poetry with its own voice made of true words offered in fresh ways, deft line breaks (or in prose poems, pacing), and innovative forms. Our prose editors are looking for fiction with believable characters and a vivid story; well-crafted, fiercely honest essays; and mostly, work that moves us as readers and inspires us as writers.

Editor: Beth Mead, MFA Program Director

Lindenwood University MFA in Writing Program - On-Campus or Fully Online (No Residency Requirement)

Issue 8 / 2018

Issue 8 of The Lindenwood Review features the winner of our Chapter One contest, "Silence" by Elizabeth Skoski, along with Honorable Mention novel chapters by Joe Baumann, Laura Young, and AJ Cunder.

Issue 7 / 2017

Issue 7 of The Lindenwood Review features the winner of our Lyric Essay Contest, "Histories" by Lisa Zou, along with Honorable Mention essays by Iris Graville, Lara Dunning, and Chioma Urama.

Issue 6 / 2016

The sixth issue of The Lindenwood Review features the work of the Prose Poetry Contest winner, Jennifer Martelli.

Issue 5 / 2015

Issue 5 would not have been possible without the hard work and skills of our editorial staff. Thank you to Sam J. Imperiale, Jacqueline McGarry, and all of the editorial assistants who discussed and voted on submissions for publication.

Issue 4 / 2014

Like the photographs in this fourth issue of The Lindenwood Review, many of the pieces we’ve selected this year are fragmented, showing us moments caught and suspended for our study, helping us find some truths about life through an unexpected point of view.

Issue 3 / 2013

Issue 3 of The Lindenwood Review took root in the thick of autumn. We discussed stories and poems and essays at the Historic Daniel Boone Home and Heritage Center.

Issue 2 / 2012

Creating the second issue of The Lindenwood Review has been, for me, a gift—a gift to find these moving stories and poems and essays; a gift to work with a brilliant group of MFA students; a gift to feel such dedication and support from our University.

Issue 1 / 2011

Over 1000 submissions were received for the inaugural issue of The Lindenwood Review. Issue 1 includes work by both established authors and talented emerging writers.

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