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The Lindenwood Review

The Lindenwood Review - Issue 10 (2020)

Editor: Beth Mead

Editorial Assistants: Catherine Miller Barker, Jennifer M. Blanke, Sherry L. Bryant, Megan Anne Bush, Casey Callison, Lisa L. Celaya, Nancy Colbert Hardy, Keith Corbett, Veronica Daehn Harvey, Vicky Edwards, Cassondra Feltus, Patricia Carey Floren, Stephanie Fluckey, Amy N. Fontenot, Stacy Frankenberg, Liliana Garcia, Andrianna Gist, Renae Brumbaugh Green, Halie B. Hale, Mollie E. Jackman, afieya kipp, Robert A. Kramer, Robert C. Madison, Shannon McCarthy, Dr. Kimberlee R. Mendoza, Allan Metz, Melissa Moy, Calida Osti, Nanci Race, Sascha N. Rodgers, Christina D. Smith, M.H. Stowe, Matthew Trigg, Joseph Walsh, Ellen White Rook



Christina Johanningmeier - Bitte
Mike Itaya - Alma
Ofelia Montelongo - Eduardo Wrapped in a Towel
Colin Hinckley - What Crests the Hill
Claire Caron - To Rid the World
Robin Michel - The Road to Maggie's Mountain
Danielle Burnette - Ravinder
Mac Bowers - Cumulous
Kimberly Ramos - Basement
Karen Rigby - Potemkin Villages
Tommy Dean - Righteous, Dapper, Famous
D.A. Simants - The Angel of Pessoa
Judith Taylor - Funeral Pie
Hayden Rigby - Grapefruit Vultures

Prose Poems

Forester McClatchey - The Laugh
Ella Belle - Still
Jonathan Koven - Long-sight
Yong Takahashi - Panning for Gold
Tiffany L. Thomas - Caribou carcass
Choya Randolph - Home
Linette Marie Allen - The Decree
Veeda Khan - lunch
Emily Kellogg - She never got the smell of smoke out of her hair
Rebecca Rapp - The Palms
Maya Salameh - Chicken Painting Hung on the Wall of My First Grade Class
Margaret Dornaus - Nothing More
Fred Pond - Camouflage
Ivy Aloa Robb - Seeing Him in Light
Claire Scott - Phase Transition

Creative Nonfiction

Kit Carlson - Father-Mother God
Angus MacCaull - Hearing Things
Dixie Pond - Midnight Snack
Melia Lenkner - How To Spend Nine Lives
Crys Stuvland - It Might Be Fine
Lisa Yin Zhang - In Search of Hallowed Ground
Teresa Reilly Keesan - No One's Mother, I Am Her Daughter

Lindenwood University
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St. Charles, MO 63301