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Issue 2 / 2012Editor: Beth Mead - From the Editor

Managing Editor: Elizabeth A. Zerkel

Assistant Editor: Patricia Feeney, Eve Jones

Cover Design and Journal Layout
Christopher Mead

Cover & Interior Photographs:
Christopher Duggan

Contributor Bios

Editorial Assistants

Tara N. Brewer
Linda Briggs-Harty
Jennifer C. Cowgill
John Cunningham
Courtney B. Frey
James M. Frey
Lindsey Hill
Heather Kemper-Hussey
Allison Hayley Konczal
Jessica Muckerman-Presson
Stacey Remley
Craig Vaughn
Elizabeth A. Zerkel


Joel Hans — Dig
Dana KroosThe Forces of Flight
Mike McLean — Wrong Side Up
MaryEllen BeveridgeHigh Diving
Concetta Ceriello — Everything in this House Reminds Me of You
Eliza Horn — Mangoes in Georgia


John-Michael Bloomquist — A Romance to the Morning
Valentina Cano — The Phoenix
Angela RydellDeveloping Nightmares
Rocco LungarielloBeautiful, Five Day Affair
Jeffrey C. Alfier — Lower East Side Cabaret, Passing a Street Musician with an Acoustic Guitar
Lisa Haag Kang — The Space Between Us, On Freedom
Laura Merleau — Death With Ash Exponentially Increasing Not Long After
Ruth Bavetta — Rapunzel
Andrew McSorley — Winter’s Ritual
R. Flowers Rivera — Trying to Explain, Jellyfish Heart
Jim Bainbridge — A Winter Night in Amsterdam
Paul Hostovsky — Sharing the Orange
Robert Randolph — Before
Shana Youngdahl — Between Sisters There is a Small Flower that Crumbles, The Fox Comes Upon Me In the Empty Lot


Jennifer OchsteinPrayer Walk
Susan HodaraStill in the Air
Anne Freeman — The Peach Tree
Amanda Bramley — Breathing Under Water and Other Playthings
Gaia Attardo — Dead Dog

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