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Issue 4 / 2014Editor: Beth Mead - From the Editor

Managing Editor: Karen Burton

Cover Design & Journal Layout:
Christopher Mead

Cover & Interior Photographs:
Eve Jones

Contributor Bios

Editorial Assistants

Leca K. Barker
Michaelene Bolan
Glenn A. Bruce
Karen Burton
Jeremy Cook
Sarah Crawford
Cynthia A. Roby
Jazmine M. Lampley
Jennifer Cunningham
Brittany DeMaria
Michael DeVault
Janet Edwards
Kasey Feldman
Ryan Frisinger
Frauke Sanchez
Evan Hartley
J. M. Landon
Jesse Maloney
Jennifer Marcus
Brian McNatt
Kristina Mottla
John Tuohy
K.J. Stevens


Joe BaumannThe Glass Spider
Cécile Barlier — Forgetting
S. Frederic Liss — Another Flight of Stairs
Kate LaDew — Reggie and Sophia
Kathleen Lindstrom — Lit Up From Inside
Bleuzette La Feir — Paper Waltz in Monsoon


Mohineet Kaur BoparaiBlindness*
Zach FishelAposematism*
Kate PeperThe Serial Killer’s Parents, Afterward*
Jed Myers — East of the Mountains
Beth Paulson — Das a Luz
Megan Duffy — How to Be Sparse
John Abbott — Dry Spell
Jennifer Leah Buchi — Rut Season
Suellen WedmoreThe Keeper of Black Rock Light*
Kevin Brown — Suburban Tennessee Poverty, 1977
Justin Watkins — Fetching a Pepper
Ann Minoff — Are You Sleeping
Jeffrey Alfier — Twilight Storm in Cochise County
Julie Brooks Barbour — The Minstrel’s Daughter
Jonathan Glenn Travelstead — Prayer of the Wild Fire Hose
Valentina Cano — Seasonal
Richard Donnelly — My Garden
Laura Pendell — 110° in the shade
Angie Macri — Good Times, Bad Times
Noel Sloboda — The Cuckold in Morning
Milla van der Have — Every boy is born at sea
Mary Ann Avallone-O’GormanLast Love Poem*


Claudia A. GeaganPerfect Tense*
Susan Rava — Mars
Tom O’KeefeNight of a Thousand Clowns*
Patricia FeeneyComplicated Footwork

Lyric Essays

Winner, Lyric Essay Contest:
Christine Stewart-NuñezDisordered*

Honorable Mentions, Lyric Essay Contest:
Brenna J. ConleyNotes from St. John’s Hospital*
Peter E. Murphy — Six Ways to Make People Like You
Aileen Hunt — The Place Between
Virginia Newell — The Tone Chord
Dawn Paul — Necessities

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