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The Lindenwood Review: Issue 5 / 2015Editor: Beth Mead - Acknowledgments

Prose Editor: Beth Mead
Poetry Editor: Kelli Allen - From the Poetry Editor
Assistant Editor: Sam J. Imperiale
Managing Editor: Jacqueline McGarry

Cover Design & Journal Layout:
Christopher Mead

Cover & Interior Photographs:
Terry St. Clair

Contributor Bios

Editorial Assistants

Brooke Bartlett
Katie Rose Beck
Nicole Thom-Arens
Susan Sinclair Edele
Heather Evanson
Teressa Rose Ezell
Amanda D. Gaines
Wil Michael Wrenn
Janna L. Gyomlai
Taryn King-Smith
J. M. Landon
Jesse Maloney
Jess Ptak
Cassandra Ricard
Cynthia A. Roby
Leon Rybacki
Andi Dobek
Shane J. Tripp
Matt Turner
Emily J. Vieweg
Laura Widener
Jessica Goehring
Edward Yoho
Teresa Zemaitis


Betty Jo Buro - Our Mother: A Prequel
Thomas N. Mannella III - Fortune Tellers
Kavanaugh - The Dog-Eared Page


Michael Boccardo - Postcard from Bodega Bay, 1963
Daye Phillippo - Mystery
Bianca Diaz - Communion Season
Cara Chamberlain - Goat
Michael Gould - Dinner at Mom's
George Bishop - Night Light
George Bishop - Light and Dark During the Sermon
Charles Laird Calia - Copperhead, Ambler Gorge
Karen Hildebrand - Learning to Paddle a Canoe
John Findura - The Spider in My Bedroom May Be an 18th Century Privateer
Carl Auerbach - Faith
Carl Auerbach - Old Loves
Michelle Askin - Sanctuary
Dick Bentley - In the Rain: Lake Superior
Gwendolyn Jensen - Working Draft
Kelly Talbot - Late Afternoon in the Shadows of the Fruit Trees
Robert Lee Kendrick - Solvent Can
Kirk Schlueter - City of Bridges
Jennifer Jackson-Berry - Paper Birthday
Robert Lee Kendrick - Looking at Six Mile Creek
Joddy Murray - Zenith Singularity
Alison Hicks - Ventana
Jennifer Gray - Killing Time


Jennifer Robinette - Mother Superior
Carmelinda Blagg - A Bowl Full of Oranges
Lawrence F. Farrar - Where’s Billy?

Flash Fiction

Winner, Flash Fiction Contest:
GennaRose Nethercott - The Someone on the Roof

Honorable Mentions, Flash Fiction Contest:
Nate Pillman - The Son of a Coal Miner
Sarah Hausman - Chasing
Bryce Emley - What She Showed Me
Ashley Cowger - The Final Score
Maria Brandt - A Promise
Ernesto Pavan - Disconnected
Vallie Lynn Watson - We Passed Upon the Stair
Eileen Malone - Still Auditioning

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St. Charles, MO 63301