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Issue 6 / 2016

Many thanks to all those who gave their time, energy, and talents to issue 6: Chris Duggan for his striking photography, Christopher Mead for his meticulous work on our book's layout and design, the exceptional editorial staff, and our dedicated editorial assistants.

Beth Mead

Assistant Editor:
Kelli Allen

Managing Editor:
Jacqueline McGarry

Journal Design and Layout:
Christopher Mead

Cover & Interior Photographs:
Chris Duggan

Editorial Assistants

Amanda D. Gaines
Amber C. Robinson
Andi Dobek
Brandilyn Haynes
Brian Stephens
Christine Ford
Corinne Anderson
D. K. White-Atkinson
D.C. Hittle
Dale John Arnold
DeAnna Acker
Edward Yoho
Elizabeth A. Davidson
Erin N. Courtney
Heather Paul
J. Bradley
Jason Reimund
Jean Hartley Sidden
Jeni Lozauskas
Jess Ptak
Jessica J. Rogers
Joanne Eskreis
Joseph E. Klimek
Katherine Chapa Martinez
Katherine McCormick
Katie Beck-Lee
Katina Virgil Willis
Laura Widener
Linda Elfers-Mabli
Lynette Van Hise
Lynn Yvonne Moon
Maggy Bosneag
Marinda K. Romesser
Megan Peters
Nicole Thom-Arens
Paul Graham
Peter H. Elliott
Richard Manly Heiman
Richard Steinlechner
Sarah C. Haasl
Sarah Jane Hodge
Staci Mercado
Susan Sinclair Edele
Terriane J. Ward
Ti Sumner
Travis Aldridge
Trenton Mabey
Troy Casa
W. D. County
William L. Sargent
Zachary Alley

Prose Poetry

Winner, Prose Poetry Contest:
Jennifer Martelli — The Devil Tides*
Honorable Mentions, Prose Poetry Contest:
John McCarthy — Study of Disbelief*
Allison Goldston — Guest Room*
Emma Bolden — When No Mother Was Looking
Elaine Mintzer — No Vacancy
Douglas W. Milliken — Pretty
Michael Colonnese Nuthatch
Damien Cowger — People Just Talk
Colleen McKee — How Long Had She Lived in This Cave?
Emily Hockaday — Comfort
Marybeth Rua-Larsen — Stillborn
Chris Warner — Daylight
Monica Wendel — Still Waters
Monica Wendel — Knickerboker Ave, July
Ann Tweedy — A Pocket of Words
Nadia Chaney — Chalcedony
Anne Dyer Stuart — Ode to the Girl in the Red Cowboy Boots
Sarah Halper — Sucker
Tatiana Dolgushina — Alaska
Tatiana Dolgushina — Siberia, Russia

*available online


D. E. Lee — Woodwork
Joe Dornich — Why We Do This
Karen Burton — Dandelions


John Davis — When I am away from the water and you*
Sandy Coomer — Pentimento*
Karen Maceira — My Mother Cleans and Starts the Gumbo*
Lauren Bender — Cologne
Kate Peper — When I Think Happiness,
Megan Duffy — Nearing Solstice
Sara Moore Wagner — Still Life
Joseph Mills — Enter Gardeners
Nicole Yurcaba — Contemplations of a Colonel’s Remembrances of a Ukrainian Girl*
C.M. Clark — Starting in Xi’an
C. Wade Bentley — What You Will Miss When You’re Dead
Christopher T. Keaveney — I Stand Corrected
Lori Lamothe — The Rain
Michael Constantine McConnell — Black Thumbs
Elizabeth Carothers Herron — Fawn on Bodega Highway
Robert Nazarene — Tonight, Someone is Thrashing Her Wings Against a Gilded Cage, Thrashing Her Wings Against a Starry Somewhere
Sharon Scholl — Old Brain
George E. Eklund — Water Body
M. Ann Hull — How, Years Later, He’ll Take You Away

*available online


Cynthia A. Roby — The Purple Ball
Mary I. Caldwell — Weighing the Math
Suzie Vander Vorste — What Remains

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