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Issue 7 / 2017

Issue 7 of The Lindenwood Review features the winner of our Lyric Essay Contest, "Histories" by Lisa Zou, along with Honorable Mention essays by Iris Graville, Lara Dunning, and Chioma Urama. 



Beth Mead

Poetry Editor:
Kelli Allen

Managing Editor:
Holiday Goldfarb

Journal Design and Layout:
Christopher Mead

Cover & Interior Photographs:
Eve Jones

Editorial Assistants:
Kristen Suzanne Atkinson, Carmen Beaudry, Andrea Berthelot, Mike Cavalier, Michael Cleary, Amanda D. Conner, Erin N. Courtney, Kara E. Cox, Andi Dobek, Janet Edwards, Jill Evans, Dane Gasparovic, David Gilmore, Jessica Goehring, Sarah C. Haasl, Cameron Hagler, Ame Hull, Daniel R. Jones, Taryn King-Smith, Jeni Lozauskas, Bret Lundstrom, Randy McBride, Tiffany M. McCreight, Kathy Miller, Stephan Mirzakhan, Dana Morrow, E. L. Mos, Charlie Owen, Diane Popenhagen, Sarah Reddick, Michael A. Rhodes, Kevin Smanik, Jennifer Tuttle, Paul Vantine, Thomas Weedman, Amber Weyland, James W Wooldridge, Wil Michael Wrenn, Ryan Yarber, Shannon N. Yingst


Lisa Zou - Histories / Winner, Lyric Essay Contest

Lara Dunning - How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Raven / Honorable Mention, Lyric Essay Contest

Iris Graville - Flight Home / Honorable Mention, Lyric Essay Contest

Chioma Urama - Skraw / Honorable Mention, Lyric Essay Contest

K. Amelia Sergaki - The Smoulder of Defiance

Sondra Olson - Sentinel

Monica Isabel Restrepo - Day and Night


Derek Mong - The Sun

Hunt Hawkins - Kinds of Light / Touching a Wing

Gaylord Brewer - Caduceus

Kathy O'Fallon - The Trail Uneven and Winding / Tsunami

Steven Jeffries - Somehow Spring

Tingyu Liu - At  twenty-eight

Ethan Fogus - The paper lantern / Why I Washed Our Dog

John F. Buckley & Martin Ott - The Doom Patrol Does Its Taxes

Alan Elyshevitz - Insomnia, Part VIII / The Truman Doctrine

J.C. Rubin - The Anorectic / Precociously at Inoculation We Shriek the Promise: I Will Spend My Life Avoiding Pain

Cal Louise Phoenix - Casual(ties)

Robert Lee Kendrick - Channel Cats, Dusk

Lucinda Watson - Another Hurricane Coming

Kate Peper - The Burning Side / I Was Not Mistaken

Paul Watsky - Vernal Equinox, Inverness, 2014

Nicholas Christian - Giordano's Butterfly Wings / Statue of the Harvester

Juned Subhan - Birdsong I

Sharon Kennedy-Nolle - The Slaughter Pen / Christmas Plantings

Julia Shipley - Rorschach Test


Marlene Olin - Redemption

Brian DiNuzzo - Undeniable Proof of the Bigfoot

Marlene Clark - Lunch

Mary Vensel White - Prism

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