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Issue 8 / 2017Issue 8 of The Lindenwood Review features the winner of our Chapter One contest, "Silence" by Elizabeth Skoski, along with Honorable Mention novel chapters by Joe Baumann, Laura Young, and AJ Cunder.

Beth Mead

Poetry Editor:
Gillian Parrish

Managing Editor:
Gina Sopuch Keating

Editorial Assistants:
Amy Beerwinkle, Andrea Berthelot, Maria Borrelli, Pamela Bressie, Tanika Brown, Callie Burns, Cindy Burrill, Ashley N. Canales, David W. Cofer, Marie J. Cormier, Guy Anthony De Marco, Victoria Jo Dean, Aslan Demir, Heather DeSellier, Tovah Dyann DiPrinzio, Phillip E. Dixon, Sarah Duing-Davis, Elizabeth Dykstra, T.B. Grantham, Jodie Hammerberg, Nancy Colbert-Hardy, Dana Lyn Harris, Janette E. Kennedy, Jonathan Y. Lee, Bret Lundstrom, Melissa McCann, Allan Metz, Alice Anna Reese, Michael A. Rhodes, Savannah Slone, Gina Sopuch Keating, Chital Mehta, Anthony Velasquez, Eddie Weinel, Maggie Z. Welker, Susan Wells Stuart, Ray Yanek, Joshua R. Yates, Kathryn Young-Hunsinger, Paulette X. Zander, Sharon Zarate, and Sarah A. Zornes.

Cover and Interior Photographs: 
Robert George

Journal Design and Layout:
Christopher Mead



Caroline Casper - Moveable Floors
Bill Gaythwaite - Good Fortune
Trish Perrault - Pancakes


John Gifford - No Alterations
Pamela Carter - A Bipolar Child
Shanelle Galloway Calvert - Vivaldi and Me


Angie Macri - Stolen or Come Afire
John Sibley Williams - July the 4th / Great Salt Lake
John Walser - Fairytale
Eileen Hennessy - Departure of the Ark
Tim Barzditis - The Lonesome, Crowded West
D.A. Lockhart - Migizi Looks back upon Wazhashk
Louisa Howerow - There Was a Time
Tyler Atwood - death's head
Andie Francis - Less Chance for Disappointment / More Chance for Disappointment
Greg Ott - Route F
Evalyn Lee - Aubade
Lee Rossi - Zen: The Video Game
Connie Post - Bent Sky
Charles Elin - Something to Hold On To


Elizabeth Skoski - Silence / Winner, Chapter One Contest
Joe Baumann - The Chambers / Honorable Mention, Chapter One Contest
Laura Young - The Butcher / Honorable Mention, Chapter One Contest
AJ Cunder - Landscape (from The Painter) / Honorable Mention, Chapter One Contest


Contributor Bios

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301