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"How Do Blacks Police Themselves?"

This research seeks to better understand if and how blacks police themselves. The aim is to gain insight into how blacks feel about neighborhood crime and what actions they take, if any, in preventing or curbing it.

Process Evaluation of a Federal Mental Health Court

This report was prepared in 2015 by Dr. Jeanie Thies under a grant from a probation office. It's an evaluation of a recently established federal mental health court, which was established as a prison alternative for offenders with mental health needs.

Treatment Court

This project stems from an evaluation of a treatment court, which serves as a prison alternative for drug and DWI offenders. Research from this project includes a forthcoming paper in the Missouri Policy Journal by Joseph Zlatic and Jeannie Thies, "Correctional Reform in Red States: Missouri's Role," a number of conference presentations, and a forthcoming empirical analysis of the court's effect on redivism by Thies and Howard Wall.

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