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Justice American Style

Justice. A concept that has permeated the ages. In Ancient Rome, it was called Aequitas. A reference to fairness and equality. The foundations of our criminal and civil laws are built upon that same concept of fairness and equality. In the U.S., our laws are shaped by a document that is considered one of the most important documents ever written: The Constitution.

How does the Constitution and Bill of Rights mold our society today?  How do landmark rulings impact the American way of life?

Click on the below amendments to read about the current applications today.

First Amendment     Fourth Amendment     Fifth Amendment   

Sixth Amendment     Eighth Amendment     Fourteenth Amendment  


Lebanon High School, in Lebanon, MO, piloted our first Justice & the Constitution course at the high school level.  They had 17 students take the course during the Fall 2017 semester, with 9 of those students taking it for college credit through Lindenwood's Early College Start Program.  On December 7th, we welcomed 12 students and 2 teachers from Lebanon High School to St. Charles, MO for a wrap-up event.  The day started with a campus tour of Lindenwood University, an engaging discussion at the St. Charles County Courthouse on the Constitution and challenges that law enforcement, journalists, and judges face on a daily basis, and ended with a group lunch on Lindenwood's campus.  Below are a few pictures from our event with Lebanon High School.

Lebanon HS - Wrap Up Event - 01

Lebanon HS - Wrap Up Event - 02

Lebanon HS - Wrap Up Event - 03

Lebanon HS - Wrap Up Event - 04

Our Mission

We help students gain a better understanding and appreciation of the United States Constitution in our daily lives through the examination of key amendments in particular as they apply to the justice system.

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