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Why I Chose Lindenwood Online for my Education

Lindenwood University’s online program offers advantages that go far beyond a challenging curriculum and career support.

May 14, 2014

Lindenwood University’s online program offers advantages that go far beyond a challenging curriculum and career support. Our students have told us that they chose a Lindenwood Online education for all of the following reasons:

  • Great Reputation. “Lindenwood University is an excellent school and is very well-known regionally. I personally know dozens of people who earned degrees there, and when an alumnus told me about the online programs, I knew I wanted to learn more.” – Rick

Many students who search for online courses prefer that their distance education is rooted in a bricks-and-mortar university because of the quality of teaching, the financial and student support, and the knowledge that the school has a solid educational footing.

  • Accredited Programs. “When I first started looking at online programs, I didn’t realize that many of them don’t have accreditation. It makes a real difference because not all higher education institutions are willing to go through such a rigorous review process to receive regional accreditation.” –Anita

Accreditation for college and university programs shows that an institution has adhered to a strict set of educational standards that were developed by experts in higher education. It creates a higher level of learning from which the whole university benefits, attracting students from across the country.

  • Experienced Instructors. “Lindenwood Online’s instructor base is comprised of members from Lindenwood University’s on-campus faculty. You know that your teacher will have real-world experience in the classes or programs that they’re teaching.” – Alison

Lindenwood Online’s faculty members not only teach the theory that underpins each course, but also share practical business skills from their real-world experience with the subject. Although you may never need to meet your online instructors face-to-face, if you walked onto our campus, you certainly could!

  • Rigorous Study. “The course work for my degree is very involved. I know that I will have to put in the same amount of work as someone who is participating in an on-campus Lindenwood University program. There are no shortcuts, and that’s why I wanted a degree from Lindenwood Online. They have a reputation for being the best. That will only help me in my job search and as my career progresses.” – Owen

Lindenwood’s online programs are just like our on-campus programs. You’re getting the same education — the difference is that you’re doing it at a time when it’s most convenient for you. You can study, take tests, and participate in class discussions just as you would on-campus. Our online programs are all accredited, and our faculty is comprised of Lindenwood University’s faculty.

  • Convenience of an Online Program. “I wanted to earn a degree online. My job is demanding, and I often work different shifts — sometimes as many as three different shifts a month. That means I needed to enter a program that provides me with a great education, boosts my chances for getting a job as soon as I am finished with my degree, and lets me study around my busy work schedule. Lindenwood Online met all of those criteria.” – Shawn

Balancing a college education around work life, family, and your everyday schedule can be difficult. Earning your degree through an online program offers you choices, the full support of an established university, and a path that leads to fulfillment and career advancement.

Lindenwood University Online is nationally recognized as one of the best programs in the Midwest and in the nation. To learn more about our three undergraduate degrees and seven graduate degrees, call us at 636-373-7719. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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