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Protecting our network and the personal information of our students and employees are vital to the successful operation of the University. Lindenwood IT has implemented Lindenwood Email Security, a TrendMicro hosted email security quarantine software designed to identify and block questionable emails. Questionable emails are sent to a personal quarantine inbox. You will receive a daily digest email of all quarantined emails. You can also access quarantined emails by going to the Quarantined Emails Page or clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop.<

We recommend taking a few minutes to scan the quarantined message to ensure that the Lindenwood Email Security has not caught legitimate email. Although nothing is required, you have four options within the quarantined inbox.<

  • Delete- This option deletes email from quarantine
  • Delete & Block Sender- This option deletes email and adds sender to the locked list
  • Deliver- This option delivers email to your inbox.
  • Deliver & Approve Sender- This option allows you to deliver email to your inbox and add senders to your approved list, ensuring no further emails are quarantined from that sender.

By taking specific action on the quarantined message, you are actively contributing to the efficiency of your personal stream. If you take no action, you will continue to receive daily reminders of any new or outstanding content in your Lindenwood Mail Security inbox. Quarantined content will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

The video below offers an overview of the Lindenwood Email Security Tool.

What is the Lindenwood Email Security (LES) tool and how does it protect me?

Lindenwood uses Trend Micro Hosted Email Security from Trend Micro. The tool stops potentially dangerous emails from entering your inbox. These emails may include phishing attempts for your Lindenwood username and password, personal information, and more. 

What is the quarantine web page?

The quarantine shows the emails that have been flagged as potentially dangerous. Emails within the quarantine can be deleted or recovered. Safe and unsafe senders can be identified for future emails within the quarantine. 

How do I access the quarantine webpage?

The quarantine can be accessed by visiting the cyber security page on Lindenwood's website, selecting the "Lindenwood Email Security Quarantine" icon on all Lindenwood computer desktops, or by selecting "Favorites" on the Internet Explorer browser on Lindenwood computers. 

How do I access my emails that are in the quarantine?

All emails placed in the quarantine will be visible for up to thirty days after the attempted delivery to your inbox.  See "How do I access the quarantine?" for information on logging into the quarantine to view these emails.

How do I delete an email from the quarantine?

Once logged into the quarantine, select the box next to the designated email. Then, select "Delete" in the menu. If emails are not manually deleted, they are automatically deleted after thirty days. 

How do I delete and block the sender of an email in the quarantine?

Once logged into the quarantine, select the box next to the designated email. Then, select "Delete & Block Sender".  This will add the sender to a "Blocked Senders" list that can be viewed in the top menu. 

How do I read an email that is in the quarantine?

To read an email, you will need to deliver the email back to your inbox. Once you are logged into the quarantine, select the box next to the designated email. Then, select "Deliver".

A trusted sender's email keeps going into the quarantine. How do I add them to a safe sender list?

Once logged into the quarantine, select the designated email. Then, select "Deliver & Approve Sender". This will add the sender to an "Approved Senders" list that can be viewed in the top menu.  

I can't find an email in my Outlook email. Where should I look to find it?

First, check your junk folder as emails may also be sent to the junk folder. If you cannot find your email in the junk folder, check the quarantine.  

How long are emails kept in the quarantine?

Emails that are not manually deleted will automatically be deleted after thirty days.

What emails will be blocked and added to the quarantine?

Emails that may be added to the quarantine include emails seeking your personal information and dangerous links. The quarantine may also block emails that you have subscribed to and messages from other email domains including Google and Yahoo. 

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