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Preparing for the Windows 10 Upgrade

 Windows 10 is a hybrid of the best components of its most recent operating systems. Windows 10 keeps the look, feel and the familiar experience of Windows 7 including the Start button and Start Menu. 

Beyond the interface, the biggest change is the new browser, Edge, Currently, some applications may not run on Microsoft Edge, but Internet Explorer is still available to support those applications.  

There are new features; There are also several built-in apps that sync to One Drive, like Maps, Photos, Music, and Video. 


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What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed and released by Microsoft, as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was released on July 29, 2015 

What are the new Windows 10 features?

Presenting a hybrid of the best of its most recent operating systems, Windows 10 touts more features, functionality, security, and polish. It’s flexible, adaptable and customizable. Action Center: Consolidated and quick access to settings, devices and alerts. 

Integration with One drive and Office 365- 

Virtual Desktops: Task view shows multiple windows/applications running at the same time 

When will Windows 10 be available on my machine?

Lindenwood University Information Technology will be upgrading each department based on usage to minimize interruption of university business during peak hours. Departments will be notified of their specific upgrade schedule 1-2 weeks prior to deployment.  

Do I need to be present for the upgrade?

Users will not be required to be present for the upgrade. There will be options for users to manually initiate the upgrade. More details will be provided closer to their deployment date. 

Do I have to upgrade to Windows 10?

The Windows 10 upgrade is mandatory. 

Can I get a free copy of Windows 10 for my personal computer?

All Lindenwood students have access to a free copy of windows 10 for their personal device. All faculty and staff may purchase a copy of Windows 10 for $14.95. Here is the link to the website where you would be able to procure the software. 

How do I go about learning more about the new features of Windows 10?

You can learn more about the new Window 10 features on this page or by attending a live workshop.  You can register at

Where did Internet Explorer and the Control Panel go?

Internet Explorer: Open the start menu and Type Internet Explorer at the bottom left of the Windows 10 screen.  

Control Panel: Right click on the start button; the Control Panel is on the pop-up list.  

How do I change the default PDF viewer?

When Microsoft Edge is set as your default browser, your PDF viewer will also default to Microsoft Edge. If you would like to change the default application associated with a file type, follow these steps: 

  • Go to Settings System Default apps 
  • Scroll to the end of the dialog 
  • Select "Choose default apps by file type" 
  • Scroll to the .pdf file type listed on the left 
  • Left click on the associated item to the right of the file type 
  • Select the default app you want to use for opening .pdf files 

How do I chose my default browser and change other app default settings?

You can do this under System Settings under Default Apps. There, you can select all of your default settings.

Getting to know Windows 10

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Shortcut Keys for Windows 10

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