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Lindenwood's College of Education and Human Services Provides Dei Training for the Collinsville School District

Lindenwood's College of Education and Human Services Provides Dei Training for the Collinsville School District

Each semester Lindenwood University prides itself in the work that it does with the community. Most recently, the Lindenwood College of Education and Human Services had the opportunity to provide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training to the Collinsville school district.

The Linden Gold

The Linden GoldThe Linden Gold is a student-centered publication designed to offer students exciting opportunities for real experience in one of the following career paths: writing and editing, content development, publishing, marketing, public relations, digital strategies, and/or graphic design, and more. The students chosen to work on The Linden Gold are gold level students.

The Linden Gold is structured as a professional company, specializing in developing and marketing Lindenwood’s real academic success to ensure that students have an opportunity not only to benefit from the experience of being a charter member of this group, but also to have their transcript reflect such involvement.

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The Linden Gold

Enhancing the Quality of Education with “Teaching Buried History” Pilot Project

HIST11900: U.S. Hist: The History of Death and Mourning, taught by Dr. Jeffrey Smith, is a pure reflection of Lindenwood's mission statement: Real Experience. Real Success. Throughout the course, students explore death and burials in the 19th century. Dr. Smith has developed a series of activities where students go to Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Charles, survey the location, collect data for their assignments, and do research on what catches their interest, from gravestones and decorative motifs to epitaphs, inscriptions, and so on.

The Linden Gold

Social Innovation Challenge Begins at Lindenwood

This year, Dr. Michael Leary, Dr. Lynda Leavitt, and Dr. Bethany Alden-Rivers brought the Social Innovation Challenge to Lindenwood. “The Social Innovation Challenge is a special professional development experience for up to 25 Lindenwood University faculty, staff, and students,” in which teams compete for the Porter Prize and a cash prize of $500.

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