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How to Apply for Aid - Graduate Students

There are several steps you must complete in order to apply for financial aid.  Follow these steps and you will be on your way to completing the process.

1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  The Lindenwood University school code is 002480.

See the Federal Student Aid website.

2. First-time Lindenwood University Borrower Entrance Counseling: Any new Lindenwood borrower who wants to apply for a student loan must complete entrance counseling. The entrance counseling session is quick and easy and will provide useful tips and tools to help you manage your educational expenses. This online session will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. Lindenwood University will be notified electronically once your session is complete.

3. Master Promissory Note (MPN): Once you have completed the entrance counseling session it will be necessary for you to complete a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note. Upon completion, Lindenwood University will be notified electronically of your application.

Consider the following steps if you wish to apply for additional funding:

4. Grad PLUS Loan: The William D. Ford Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans are loans available to graduate and professional students to help pay for educational expenses up to the cost of attendance, minus all other financial assistance. Regardless of financial need, any graduate student can apply. This loan is credit based and a credit check will be performed by the U.S. Department of Education at the time of application. The credit check is valid for 180 days.

5. Alternative Loans: A Federal Direct Loan may not provide enough financing to meet your educational expenses. An alternative/private loan can play a major role to fill the gap. If you are considering an alternative/private loan to supplement your educational expenses, first be sure you have maximized all your aid eligibility under the federal aid programs.

Alternative/private loans are credit based and in most cases, a credit worthy co-signer is required for approval. Recently passed legislation requires lenders to provide several detailed loan disclosures to the borrower and co-borrower. Most lenders will require one or more of these disclosures to be completed and mailed back to them. This requirement may cause a delay in the overall process.

Below is a historical list of lenders who continue to participate in the Alternative/Private Loan Program.  Alternative and private loans should be considered only after all federal aid options have been fully exhausted.  Lindenwood University does not endorse any lender.  Research your lender options before you select the lender of your choice.

  Lender Name   Alternative Loan Program Name
  Affinity PLUS Federal Credit Union   Affinity PLUS Private Education Loan
  Alaska Student Loan Corporation
(For Alaska residents only)
  Alaska Supplemental Loan
(For Alaska residents only)
  Alpine Bank by Sallie Mae
  • Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan
  Anheuser-Busch Employees CU/American Eagle Div.   Anheuser-Busch Emp CU PEL
  CEFCU Private Student Loan
  • CEFCU Application Disclosure
  CEFCU Private Student Loan
  Citizens One
  • Citizens One Application Disclosure
  Citizens One Student Loans
  Cognition Lending
  • Disclosure
  Raise Private Student Loan
  College Ave Student Loans   College Avenue
  Commerce Bank
  • Commerce Application Disclosure - Graduate
  Your Future Education Loan
  Common Bond   Cosigned Private Loans
  • cuStudentLoans Application Disclosure
  cu Private Student Loan
  Digital Federal Credit Union   Digital Federal Credit Union Private Educational Loan
  Discover Student Loans
  • Discover Application Disclosure
  Discover Private Education Ln.
  Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union   Evansville Teachers Private Education Loan
  Great Southern Bank by Sallie Mae
  • Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan
  New Hampshire Higher Education Loan   
  • EdvestinU disclosure
  EDvestinU – New Hampshire LP
  PNC Solution Loan
  • PNC Application Disclosure
  PNC Solution Undergraduates
  Regions Bank
  • SOSL Application Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan
  Richland State Bank
  • Disclosure
  Ascent Independent
  Safe Credit Union  
  • SOSL Application Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan
  Sallie Mae
  • SOSL Application Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan
  Scott Credit Union
  • SOSL Application Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan
  Thrivent Federal Credit Union
  • Thrivent Federal Credit Union Application Disclosures - Fixed Rate Loans, Variable Rate Loans
  Thrivent Student Loan
  Vantage Credit Union
  • Disclosure
  Graduate Student Loan

Wright Patt Credit Union Student Choice

  Student Choice

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