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Jan 15

Special Notice Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roaring Return

For important updates on Lindenwood University campus safety precautions and associated information from public health officials, please visit our Roaring Return page and the CDC's COVID-19 site. Complete the Initial Assessment Survey to report symptoms, exposure, or positive test results of COVID-19.

The Pavers Book Cover

The Lindenwood University Book Club will be reading The Pavers by Dana Hoff in January and February. Dana Hoff is a Lindenwood alumna and current staff member at Lindenwood. On Tuesday, March 2, the book club will get to meet Dana herself in a virtual author chat!

Group Description: The Lindenwood University Book Club is open to all Lions & Lynx - alumni, faculty, students, and staff. This is a way to stay connected with the Lindenwood community, read some great books, and hear from others across the world.

Group Rules: You must be part of the Lindenwood community to be part of the book club. 
All policies for this book club will follow those at and by Lindenwood University.

Moderators: Rachael Heuermann (Director of Alumni Relations) and Lisa Young (Director of Access Services, Library Services)

Group Formed: March 25, 2020

How to Join: Those interested in joining the group can email or go to to request to join the group.

Facebook: You must become a member of the book club on Goodreads before joining the Facebook group. But, if you prefer Facebook, weekly discussion posts and reminders will be added to the page. Join Facebook group.

Membership: Membership for the Lindenwood University Book Club is completely free. You can read one book a year, or all of them. We understand that life gets busy, so please come and go as you can.

Acquiring Books: Members are responsible for acquiring their own copies of each book, either an online format or hard copy. The moderators will provide a list of library resources and book formats that are free or low-cost options for members.

Book Selection: Polls will be created in Goodreads and the group votes on which book to read next. While everyone’s opinions matter, decisions will be based on majority-vote. Members will also have the option to add book suggestions to these polls. Members will be notified when new polls open, when the polls close, and the timeline for the selected book.

Access Guide: Once a new book is selected, members will be provided with an access guide to let them know where they can access their free or low-cost book options.

Meetings: Group members will vote on which days/times will work best for meetings to occur. While everyone’s opinions matter, decisions will be based on majority-vote. If a participant cannot make the scheduled meetings, they can follow along with the discussion board and the moderator can provide the prepared discussions questions prior to each meeting so the member can send feedback to the group for the meeting. Meetings will last 60 minutes per session and depending on the conversation. Moderators of the book club will send email reminders to each member prior to the meeting that includes location or link if meeting virtually. They will also provide a list of discussion questions to consider prior to the meeting.

Discussions: Weekly discussion questions will be posted to the group on Goodreads and on the Facebook group. You can use either Goodreads or Facebook to respond, whichever platform you would prefer.

Frequently Asked Question

How does the book club work?

The book club is hosted on the platform, Goodreads. You can create a profile for free and join the group: Lindenwood University Book Club. Membership is approved based on if you are a member of the LU community (staff, faculty, student, alumni). All updated information will be posted on the homepage of the book club and emailed to members. Check the homepage often for the most recent information.

How often will books be read?

Timing of each book will vary and depend on the speed at which the group wants to read. On average, one book will take about two months to read.

What is the time commitment and what are the expectations?

We understand that life is busy. Feel free to read one, or book options throughout the year. The moderators will give suggestions of how many pages to read per week. If you have between 1 to 2 hours a week to read, that is ideal.

Will there be any in-person meetings of the book club?

The book club is currently in an on-line format to begin but in-person options will become available in the near future. Both in-person and virtual engagement opportunities will be available to members.

Is there a cost to participate?

Membership in the book club is completely free. Members are responsible for purchasing their own books. However, the moderators will provide free and low-cost options to our members per book.

How do I get the books?

Members will be provided an access guide for each book so they know where they can obtain books from each time.

How do book club discussions work?

There will be a weekly discussion posted on the book club homepage on Goodreads and also on the Facebook group. Members can add to the discussion post all throughout the week. Discussion questions will be the same in both Goodreads and Facebook, so use whichever platform you like most.

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