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Biology Alumna Bound for U of I Vet School

Biology Alumna Bound for U of I Vet School

Lindenwood University-Belleville alumna Candace Niemerg will continue her academic career when classes begin this fall at the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine at Urbana-Champaign.

Niemerg, who graduated from Lindenwood with a bachelor’s degree in biology, came to Belleville after completing her first two years of school at Lake Land College in Mattoon, Ill.

“When I first visited Lindenwood Belleville, it seemed really homey,” said Niemerg. “It was a really good transition for me because I graduated with a class of 28. So, Lindenwood was the right fit; it wasn’t too big, but at the same time it added to my worldview.”

It was during her time taking upper-level biology and chemistry classes at Lindenwood that Niemerg began to really consider vet school as an option following her undergraduate career.

“Taking more difficult classes at Lindenwood, especially in the bio major, taught me how to study for bigger tests with more information to learn,” she said. “I really started to think maybe I could get into vet school after succeeding in harder biology and chemistry classes.”

Since graduating from Lindenwood Belleville in 2017, Niemerg has been working as a veterinary assistant for Walton and Haarmann Veterinary Clinic in Effingham, Ill., which is a mixed animal clinic, serving both livestock and companion animals.

“Growing up on a farm in rural Illinois definitely influenced my career choice,” said Niemerg. “Once I complete vet school, I hope to open my own mixed animal practice near home in central Illinois.”

Niemerg said that she feels very prepared academically for her next four years at the University of Illinois.

“I feel grateful for my time at Lindenwood,” she said. “The instructors were incredibly supportive, and the academic programs certainly prepared me for my next step. I appreciate that the university supported cross-curricular education, because I not only received a very strong biology background, but was exposed to other divisions and disciplines, which strengthens chances when looking into professional programs like vet school. Lindenwood offered me a great two years.”

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Photo Cutline: Lindenwood University-Belleville alumna Candace Niemerg cares for patient Waylon at Walton and Haarmann Veterinary Clinic in Effingham, Ill. Niemerg will begin veterinary school this fall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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