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Graduate Teaching Kids in China to Speak English

Lindenwood University-Belleville graduate Amy Fulton is having the adventure of a lifetime–while making a difference in young lives on the other side of the globe.

The 2016 graduate moved to China where she is teaching children from age 4 to 13 how to speak English. She works for a company called English First that allows Chinese children to learn English as a second language apart from their normal school responsibilities.

“I am working in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China,” said Fulton, who earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Lindenwood Belleville. “The most rewarding thing so far is watching the students grow and learn. For example, I have a brand new class that is three lessons into the first unit and they've gone from barely being able to say ‘brush my teeth’ to shouting every action they can do without seeing the flash card or me eliciting it from them. I'm looking forward to seeing all of my students’ growth and changes throughout the year.”

Lindenwood Belleville Associate Professor of English Brooke Taylor said she fondly recalls enjoying watching Fulton grow as a student. So, it’s especially exciting to watch her former pupil become the teacher.

“We remember Amy as being a bright student and a talented writer, but very shy and reticent about speaking up in class in the first few semesters she was here,” Taylor said. “She became increasingly confident as she progressed, and I was so pleased when she wrote in her e-mail to me, ‘I've gotten more comfortable with talking to classes. Even for my Trailblazers who are 12 to 13, I talk to them about what they do with their friends or the classes they're in. I joke around with them. I wasn't that comfortable with that in college, but I learned to adapt under your classes and Dr. Peabody's classes and doing it now for a career it's a lot easier because of that practice.’”

While Fulton is in China, she’s taken the opportunity to soak in as much of the culture as possible.

“So far I've seen both the Dazhao and Five-Pagoda temples and explored a bit of the Mongolian section of the city,” said Fulton. “I've also done a few marketing events for the company I work for at public schools. I look forward to the adventures I’ll have during my time here.”

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