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Interactive Media and Web Design

Digital media and web design is one of the most cutting edge career fields in today’s job market, blending artistic expression and the latest technology. Lindenwood University-Belleville opens up endless opportunities for you in this industry with the Bachelor of Arts degree in interactive media and web design.

About Interactive Media and Web Design at Lindenwood University-Belleville

When you choose to major in this adaptable degree program, you’ll gain the necessary skills for working with audio, video, graphics, typography, and web pages. You’ll also get instant access to hands-on learning in the campus’ impressive Communication Center, complete with state-of-the-art radio and television broadcast studios. Our interactive media and web design students know when it comes to dedicated faculty and exciting learning experiences, Lindenwood Belleville has it all.    

Belleville Interactive Media and Web Design Faculty

Widely recognized experts in their fields, the communications faculty at Lindenwood University-Belleville are award-winning filmmakers, video artists, professional sports commentators, and radio announcers. Their classes are guided by their firsthand experience in the industry, and the personalized nature of Lindenwood courses allows you to benefit from a close mentoring relationship with them. 

Earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interactive Media and Web Design

By majoring in interactive media and web design, you’ll receive expert guidance from your professors in creating your own digital portfolio of professional work. You’ll also become skilled in designing professional websites and presenting digital content. Comprehensive coursework will give you a strong background in media design, video and radio production, 3D graphics, 3D printing, and applications for mobile devices. 

The Lindenwood University-Belleville Communication Center also offers you many unique opportunities to build your skills in web design, as well as television and radio broadcasting, even before you graduate. You’ll work with the latest technologies like the campus’ own 3D printer and advanced equipment for creating computer graphics and building interactive environments for the web and mobile devices.

Earning a Minor in Interactive Media and Web Design

Even if you decide to major in a different field, such as business administration or psychology, you may be interested in adding another layer of specialization to your degree by pursuing a minor in interactive media and web design. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is professional or personal interest.

The minor in interactive media and web design is 24 credit hours and gives you an overview of such topics as introduction to computer science, web design with Photoshop and Illustrator, and interactive web development.

What to do with a Degree in Interactive Media and Web Design

The BA in interactive media and web design prepares you for a career as a web page developer, graphic designer, social media manager, or web copywriter. Advertising agencies, publishing houses, public relations firms, and multimedia design companies frequently employ graduates in this field, and many small businesses are also looking to hire web designers to enhance their online presence.

The most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that multimedia artists and animators earn a median annual salary of $63,630, and the rate of job growth in this industry will rise six percent through 2024. No matter which career path you choose, the BLS website is a great resource that can provide you with lots of useful information.

Contact the Lindenwood University-Belleville Communications Department

For more information about the interactive media and web design program at Lindenwood University-Belleville, contact the Communications Department at (618) 239-6260.


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