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Lindenwood University strongly suggests that students purchase insurance before they travel abroad, and in some cases our study abroad partners require it.

There are a number of things that a good insurance plan will cover. Look for a plan that provides health insurance to cover medical expenses while you are abroad, emergency medical evacuation, evacuation in the event of natural or political disaster, accidental death/dismemberment, repatriation of the body, and possibly course cancellation or interruption.

Lindenwood University does not promote any one company or plan, but here are several websites to check:

Many of the sites/companies have very useful study abroad information as well (e.g., lists of doctors by location, drug information and translation services etc.).

In addition, students may want to see if they get complimentary travel coverage through their credit cards or banks. (Such plans may cover the basics, especially if a student does not wish to purchase separate insurance.)

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