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To ensure an environment conducive to research and study, the Library has established the following policies regarding the use of its facilities:

Mobile Phones. To preserve a quiet study environment, the Library requires all library users to set cell phones to silent. Mobile phone conversations should be conducted outside the Library.

Computer Work Stations. Academic work has priority. Use of the computers is restricted to Lindenwood faculty, students, staff and alumni.

Courtesy and Responsibility. All patrons using Internet resources are expected to show common courtesy and respect for both the privacy and sensibility of others since it is not possible to prevent other library patrons from observing online information or images.

Silent Study Lab. Please respect others' needs for quiet while in the silent study lab. No talking, loud headphones or other disruptive behavior is allowed; those who do not comply will be asked to leave.   

Food and Drink. Small, dry snacks and drinks with spill-proof lids are permitted in most library areas. Always leave your area clean for the next person and dispose of any trash. We do not allow people to bring meals into the Library. As a part of the Library policy, and as courtesy to other students, things like greasy, odorous, noisy, hot food or meals should be consumed outside the Library. The West Wing Hall has a study area near the entrance where students are welcome to eat food.

Children. No one under 18 is allowed in the Library or Computer Lab.

Technology Policies

Printing Policy

Students are entitled to print an allotted number of pages from any on-campus computer at no cost per term. Resident students may print up to 500 pages per term; commuter students may print up to 300 pages per term, and doctoral students may print up to 1000 pages per term. Once the total number of allotted pages has been reached, students may opt to purchase* additional printing capabilities through the Student Portal at a rate of $3.00 per 100 pages. (*Print credits are not added immediately and can take up to 3 days to appear on your account, please plan accordingly.)

Double-sided printing is not available at the Belleville Campus Library.

Printer Locations

There is one color and two black & white printers located in the Computer Lab. When you enter the Library the Computer Lab is located to your left, all of the printers are located to the left of the wall once you enter the Lab. When printing from computers in the Library or Computer Lab, print jobs will appear in a queue on a monitor next to the printers. To print, select your file on the monitor screen next to the printer.

*Unfortunately we do not have the technology to print via Wi-Fi, you will have to print through one of the computers in the lab.

Wi-Fi in Belleville Campus Library

Wi-Fi is available in the Library to students, faculty and staff. The network name to connect to Wi-Fi is "Lindenwood." Use your Lindenwood e-mail credentials to log-in.

Unfortunately we do not have the capability to print via Wi-Fi.

Printing Problems

If you did not receive a message that the document printed, check to make sure the page count remaining box for your account loaded when you signed on. If it did not, click on the printer icon.

If you received a message that your document has been sent to the queue, but you do not find it on the screen, check the other printer before resending the job. It may have been sent to the wrong printer. Also, try refreshing the screen on the queue, as there may be a delay in the object appearing on the screen.


Using Databases Off Campus

To use databases off campus, you are required to log in. To log in, use your Lindenwood e-mail credentials. The user name is everything preceding the @ in your e-mail address (ABC123@lindenwood = ABC123). Your e-mail password is also your password for database access.

Having difficulty accessing the databases still? Try contacting the circulation desk for help by calling (618) 239-6072.

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