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Request for VA Certification Form Instructions

  • You must request certification every term to continue receiving payments.
  • Request for VA Certification Form
    • Log in to your Student Portal - Change term if necessary
    • Select Forms & Handbooks from the left menu.
    • Select VA Certification Form from the page listing.
    • Most data is automatically populated.
    • Answer the remaining questions.
    • Select the "Get PDF" button to allow the form to generate
    • Click Send and a copy will be sent to the Veterans Affairs Center. A copy of the completed PDF will also be sent to your student email account.
  • A completed Request for VA Certification Form must be returned to the Lindenwood Veterans Success Center every term via student portal, email, or in person.
  • Please contact your Lindenwood Veterans Success Center should you need to add, withdraw, or drop class. You should also contact us in the event you are suspended from school.
  • Please note that withdrawing from classes may create a debt with your VA Debt Management that you will have to repay.
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