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Honors College

The Lindenwood University Honors College offers students a special opportunity to be recognized for excellence and extra effort in their courses. Graduating with University Honors is the highest award Lindenwood bestows.

This achievement is announced at graduation, and the recipient wears a purple braid at the ceremony. “University Honors” also appears on the student’s diploma and transcript. All courses completed for Honors credit are designated as such on the student’s transcript.

University Honors are reserved for exceptional students who demonstrate intelligence, initiative, and perseverance in fulfilling requirements beyond those asked of others. Meeting these expectations exhibits their commitment to excellence.

To enroll in the Honors Program, an incoming freshman must score a 29 or above on the ACT. A transferring or returning student must have a 3.3 or higher GPA. Students who wish to take part in the Honors Program must complete an application for enrollment and maintain their good standing as a student at Lindenwood Belleville.

At Lindenwood Belleville, the Honors Program allows undergraduates to complete an Honors Project in any course, with the permission and approval of the professor. The student must earn an A in the course and successfully complete this extra project (mutually agreed upon by the professor and student) in order to earn Honors Credit.

After completing 3 hours of Honors Credit, students are eligible for early enrollment the following semester.

To graduate with University Honors, a student must complete twenty-four (24) hours of Honors Credit. All courses are eligible for Honors Credit with instructors’ approval. There are limitations on the number of 100-level courses students may take for Honors Credit.

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