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Interested in faculty positions at Lindenwood Belleville? Get to know about each of our seven academic divisions below.

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School of Accelerated Degree Programs

With programs designed to meet the needs of nontraditional students, courses in the School of ADP are taught in the evening or online format as single 3-semester credit courses and 9-credit course clusters over 12-week quarters. ADP faculty members participate in teaching, academic advising, program design and scheduling, student mentoring, and recruiting and the supervision of adjunct faculty.

Division of Business and Entrepreneurship

Faculty members in the Division of Business and Entrepreneurship bring both academic and professional achievement to the classroom. Courses are designed to emphasize entrepreneurship, early contact with the business world, and to expand the student's horizons for success in an increasingly global economy.

Division of Education and Counseling

The Mission of the Education and Counseling Division at Lindenwood University-Belleville is to prepare educators, counselors, and leaders who meet the standards set forth by the national accrediting organizations, state licensing agencies, and/or other learned societies.

Division of Humanities

The faculty members in the Division of Humanities seek to explore how we create and convey meaning in contexts as varied as cutting-edge techniques in video production and profundities in the poetry of Homer. Our division provides many of the courses that form the foundation of our University’s general education curriculum.

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and services in biological sciences, chemistry, and mathematics. We encourage scholarship, open inquiry, and the free exchange of ideas within our departments, classrooms, and laboratories. We promote the application of knowledge beyond those settings. We seek to foster these principles in every one of our students, regardless of their academic background.

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

We offer degrees in criminal justice and psychology and courses in the disciplines of anthropology, geography, political science, and sociology. Faculty members of the DSBS utilize a student-centered approach to teaching that promotes student engagement and enables students to recognize issues from regional, national, and global points of view.

Employee News Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Teri Terranova Named Employee of the Quarter

Terranova joined the Lindenwood staff in May 2016. Alongside taking on the role of campus librarian, she has spent her time at Lindenwood University-Belleville preparing criminal justice students for mock trial, judging symposiums and essay contests, and preparing students to join the workforce.

Employee Spotlight

Bradley Honored for Role as Civil Rights Pioneer in 1960s Memphis

Lindenwood University’s Donna Bradley has been named the outstanding alumna of the year by St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis, Tenn., where she attended middle school and high school.

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