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Service Hour Designation

Lindenwood University embraces community service as an extension of service-learning and believes this service is a philosophy of experiential learning in which students participate not only to meet the needs of the community, but also to develop critical thinking skills, commitment to values, and skills for effective citizenship.

Students who acquire 500 hours of qualified community service will receive a designation on their permanent academic transcript to recognize their achievement. In addition, they will receive special recognition in commencement publications and receive a service cord that they can wear at graduation.

To satisfy this requirement, community service projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. No pay or other compensation may be received for service.
  2. No family members may be the recipients or supervision of service.
  3. No designation will be given for work with a profit-making organization.
  4. No credit will be given for co-curricular activities (i.e., grading papers, participating in school performance activities that are related to or required by another class, managing sports teams, etc.). In other words, a public service organization must be the primary beneficiary of community service projects/time.
  5. No credit for service will be given for court-required or other punitive service.
  6. Service must take place during the time that the student was enrolled at Lindenwood University.


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