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Secondary Education (BA)

Secondary Education (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

In Missouri, secondary certification is defined as grades 9-12.  Secondary certification is specific to a content area. While all secondary majors take education courses, you must also complete courses for the specific subject area you intend to teach.  At Lindenwood, we offer the following secondary certifications:

The bachelor of arts (BA) in secondary education program at Lindenwood University will prepare you to become a certified teacher for grades 9-12. Through professional education coursework in teaching philosophies and methods, and content specific courses to your certification area of choice, you will be a highly qualified and trained professional ready to begin your own experiences in the secondary classroom. The application of what you have learned in your Lindenwood University coursework is exemplified with your field experience.  This is your opportunity to work with an experienced educator in order to plan lessons, align objectives to standards, and make real change in young adults’ lives.  Through a challenging and rewarding education at Lindenwood University and a personal, professional experience at a local school district, you will be a top educator ready for your own classroom.

Each content area has a separate Missouri Content Assessment.  You must pass the appropriate assessment before being placed for student teaching.  This assessment is a certification requirement for the state of Missouri.

Lindenwood University Secondary Education Certification Faculty

The highly credentialed and experienced education faculty at Lindenwood University brings both academic and real world professional achievement to the classroom. They collaborate with colleagues from many school and community partnerships to deliver outstanding innovative learning opportunities for you and all of our education students at every level of experience.

Earning a Degree in Education with Secondary Certification at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a bachelor of arts (BA) in education with secondary certification, which requires 36-38 credit hours in secondary education and 3-6 credit hours in methods of teaching. Topics of study include psychology of teaching and learning, education of the exceptional child, content literacy for diverse learners, and more.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, your major will be secondary education with the appropriate content area.

Master of Arts in Teaching Students

If you are a MAT student, you are encouraged to examine the Missouri course requirements or competencies for your intended subject area. You should meet with an advisor to determine if any additional undergraduate content coursework is necessary.  The education requirements for secondary and middle school MAT students are similar; however, middle school certification requires fewer content credit hours but two additional education courses.  To expedite certification, you should select a content area that closely aligns with your undergraduate major.

What Can I Do With Secondary Certification from Lindenwood University?

When you complete your degree in secondary education from Lindenwood University, you are a certified teacher ready to teach grades 9-12 in the classroom.

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