Human Resources



Who is eligible to participate?

All employees on Lindenwood’s medical insurance plan are eligible to participate in the Lifestyle Rewards Program within HealthCheck360.

When can I submit my activities?

Any activities completed between 02/01/2021 and 11/19/2021 can be submitted in your HC360 portal to earn points.  Anything submitted after 11/19/2021 will not be rewarded. 

How can I earn points?

Complete wellness activities from the eligible list and submit through You will earn points for each activity you submit. For Employee Wellness Program challenges, you will need to submit ALL challenges through your HC360 portal, which will be approved once a month by the Employee Wellness Program team. 

How many points do I need to earn the incentive rate?

Employees on Lindenwood’s medical insurance plan who earn 750 points throughout 2021 will be eligible to receive the discounted incentive rate for 2022.  All employees have the opportunity to earn Wellbucks.