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Oct 15

Special Notice Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roaring Return

For important updates on Lindenwood University campus safety precautions and associated information from public health officials, please visit our Roaring Return page and the CDC's COVID-19 site. Complete the Initial Assessment Survey to report symptoms, exposure, or positive test results of COVID-19.

Learning Academy Faculty Consultants for Online Teaching

For the Summer and Fall 2020, the Learning Academy is piloting a program to extend our support faculty who need or desire one-on-one consultations as they design, build, and deliver online / hybrid courses. Six faculty will serve as Faculty Consultants for Online Teaching: 

  • Colleen Biri, Professor of Psychology
  • Darrell DeMartino, Associate Professor of Paramedicine 
  • Shenika Harris, Associate Professor of Spanish 
  • James Hutson, Associate Professor of Art History 
  • Meri Marsh, Associate Professor of Geography 
  • Michelle Whitacre, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education  

These consultants, along with the Director of Faculty Development, will be available to provide feedback, discuss pedagogical strategies, offer observations, share materials, recommend resources, etc. on online or hybrid pedagogy (faculty can still request a consultation with the Learning Academy for teaching topics relevant to any format).

Faculty consultants will provide support in line with the Learning Academy’s approach to consulting services and will ground their feedback and suggestions in pedagogical research, best practices, and personal experience.

Support Provided

These peer consultants are here to work with faculty to assess the type and level of need for support, to create a plan for working together, and to serve as a partner in dialogue as faculty work through pedagogical planning and implementation. Faculty consultants are available to provide varying levels of support to meet the needs of the “faculty client.” Some examples of the types of consultations faculty may seek and consultants may provide are below:

One-off or Short-term Consultations

Faculty member in need of short-term support via one or a few, brief engagements. This might consist of a discussion about course organization, a quick review/feedback of course setup, and feedback on introductory video to get an instructor off and running in an online course. Alternatively, it might consist of a conversation to generate ideas for translating an assignment from on-ground to online, followed by feedback on a drafted assignment description.

Intermediate Consultations

Faculty member in need of moderately substantial support occurring over a longer period and via several engagements. This could consist of a coaching engagement that lasts for the first 4 weeks of class and includes a discussion of course organization, a discussion of an assessment design, a demonstration of a technological tool, and feedback on content delivery. This is likely to involve something like 5-7 “sessions” (e.g., conversations, observations, or a set of email exchanges).

Extended Consultations

Faculty member in need of prolonged, substantial support consisting of multiple, varied engagements necessarily involving observation/feedback, modeling or sharing of materials from faculty consultant to faculty client, and provision of outside resources in addition to course or assignment design discussions, content delivery discussions, and the like. If needed, the consultant might be asked to provide feedback at various times throughout the design and delivery of the faculty client’s online course.

Please note that although a faculty consultant may demonstrate how to use a tool or otherwise implement a pedagogical strategy within Canvas, it is the faculty client’s responsibility to build courses and create course materials. In addition, if the support you are seeking is focused solely on learning to use Canvas functions, your request for consulting will be passed along to the instructional designers in Lindenwood Online, or you can contact them directly.

Requesting a Consultation

Any faculty member (part-time or full-time) who would like to request a consultation should fill out this form to describe their needs. Upon receipt, the Learning Academy will review the information and, within a week, a consultant will contact the requestor to schedule a brief meeting to discuss the request in more detail.

Note: The consultant will be “assigned” to the job based on availability, pedagogical strengths and, when possible, similarity of discipline (if relevant to the need for support). After the consultant and client have agreed to the terms of consultation (e.g., number of sessions, nature of sessions), they will coordinate and begin their partnership. After the consultation is completed, the faculty client and faculty consultant will be asked to, separately, submit a summary of and feedback on the engagement to the Learning Academy for assessment purposes.

Note: The faculty client should request support far enough in advance to allow time for the review, matching, and coordination processes to occur before the consulting meetings commence. If a faculty member has an urgent need that can be addressed via a quick email (e.g., request for a resource), it is best to directly email the Director of Faculty Development, Kristen Norwood, rather than to go through the more formal consultation process.

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