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Public Skating

Enjoy ice skating at Lindenwood Ice Arena during our Public Sessions. Public Skating Sessions are open to all ages and skill levels.  No matter what skill level you are public skating hours are a great way to build on your skating skills, practice your moves, get some exercise, and make new friends.

We recommend that you wear warm clothing including gloves and hats.  Children are encouraged to wear helmets and knee pads as well.

Skate aid trainers are available for use at no charge on a first come first serve basis.  We recommend that a skating adult accompany the skater using the skate aid trainer. Adults should only assist the child and not put their weight on the trainer.  While using the skate aid trainer please demonstrate proper use, common sense and courtesy to all skaters.

Hockey sticks are not allowed on the ice during public sessions

Skates are required. No walking on ice surface.

Admission -- $6

Punch Cards are available for $45

The price is the same for children, teens, and adults.

Parents, guardians, and child care providers that are not skating do not have to pay the admission charge.

Loitering is not permitted.

Skate Rental -- $3

Both hockey and figure skates are available

Our skates range from toddler size 8 to adult size 14

Skates are available in whole sizes only.

Check the calendar for times and Skate and Save Sessions.

Lindenwood University
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