What We Do

What We Do

Students are encouraged to stop by and work with Writing Consultants in order to learn writing skills.

The Lindenwood Writing Center can help students:

  • Narrow down topic choices
  • Develop a working thesis statement
  • Organize an outline
  • Organize a rough draft
  • Support a thesis
  • Integrate source material
  • Integrate other information
  • Integrate documentation

The Writing Consultants will also show students how to:

  • Revise a rough draft
  • Edit spelling mistakes
  • Find grammatical errors
  • Recognize areas that need rewording
  • Format a works cited/resources page

Writing Consultants cannot start a paper for a student. The Writing Consultant’s role is to help students improve writing skills by answering questions regarding writing mechanics, organization, content, and documentation. The Writing Consultant will not simply “fix” the paper for the student seeking assistance. This includes addressing every spelling error, grammar error, re-wording a thesis statement, or making corrections of any kind. The Writing Center services are provided to show students how to identify and correct these issues themselves. The Writing Center cannot guarantee an "A" letter grade on edited papers. The accuracy of the content of the paper is the responsibility of the student; the Consultants are not specialists in content.