Lindenwood - Winter 2017 - Connecting to Alumni and Friends

REED AND NATIONS’ WEDDING GARNERS INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION Quintin Reed (’16) and Ashleigh Nations (’15) were married on October 7, 2017. The couple, who met four years ago at Lindenwood and hold degrees in exercise science and psychology, respectively, had no idea their wedding at the Wine Seller in Cottleville, Mo., would capture the attention of millions throughout the world. Video of Reed becoming overcome with emotion at the sight of his bride quickly went viral and has since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. It also caught the attention of mainstream news outlets in St. Louis and around the world, including Good Morning America , Huffington Post, London’s Daily Mail , Inside Edition , ABC News, the Kansas City Star , People magazine, and BuzzFeed, among others. “My uncle, who was the officiant, told me to look down at my watch until the moment was right,” Reed, 27, told Huffington Post. “My heart was pounding so incredibly fast. Then the moment came. She walks around the corner, and when she was about 50 feet from me, my uncle told me to look up at my bride. And when I did, my heart became overwhelmed with joy and my entire body just became numb as I witnessed the most beautiful woman ever in front of me.” Nations’ reaction was equally touching and added to the storybook quality of the moment. “I thought he would be a little emotional, but I never would have imagined he would have fallen to his knees like he did,” said Nations, 26, to People . “As soon as I saw him sigh and look up to the sky, I lost my breath. It was the most romantic moment I had ever and probably will ever experience.” The two live and work in the St. Louis area and could only marvel at the attention their wedding video received. “The foundation of our relationship has been trust, communication, respect, love, kindness, laughter, hugs and high-fives,” Reed told the Huffington Post. “Our wedding day was perfect!” Keshan Moore (’15, ’16) and Justin Vogt were married July 8, 2017, at St. Gertrude Church, in Krakow. Father Phil Krill officiated at the ceremony. Moore is a fifth-grade teacher in the Washington School District. She has a B.S. from Central Methodist University and an M.A. in school administration and an Ed.S. in educational administration from Lindenwood. The groom is an auto body technician with Pro Body Works. The couple took a wedding trip to Cancun, Mexico, and lives in Washington. Keith Jasin (’16) started a new position with Ballwin Tech, Inc. His firm focuses on the sales, trading, and manufacturing of precision measurement and process control devices. The firm’s client base is worldwide in areas ranging from textiles to fossil fuels to nuclear energy. Jasin received a B.A. in Chinese studies with a minor in international business. He has had many positions at Ballwin Tech and credits his success to the knowledge and real-life scenarios that were introduced to him during his studies at Lindenwood. He is returning to Lindenwood this fall to pursue an MBA with an emphasis in supply chain management. Louis Gregory Jahn (’17) planned on doing his OPT in New York after his May graduation. He interned, unpaid, in a real estate company in New York for two months but moved to Sweden, where he landed a job as a social commerce coordinator at Daniel Wellington. Jahn received a B.A. in international business from Lindenwood. Sabine Neveu (’17) has recently taken a social media specialist position with Austin Elite Rugby in Austin, Texas. She says her experience as the photographer for the Lindenwood men’s rugby team paid off, and she is really happy to be staying on the same path and working for a rugby team. Neveu received her B.A. in mass communication from Lindenwood. Lindenwood University ALUMNI NEWS & NOTES 22