Lindenwood - Winter 2017 - Connecting to Alumni and Friends

CATHCARTS TRACK PATH TO RAILWAY SUCCESS by BRIAN VORCE Alumni take different tracks to success after graduating from Lindenwood, but Casey and Thom Cathcart’s tracks are filled with railcars. Casey Cathcart (’06, ’07), who has bachelor’s degrees in computer science and mathematics and an M.B.A. from Lindenwood, is the executive vice president and CFO for Cathcart Rail Holdings and the manager of Bucyrus Railcar Repair, LLC, a subsidiary of the company. His father, Thom (’94), earned his M.B.A. from Lindenwood and brought his 40 years of railroad experience into a partnership with his son. Bucyrus Railcar Repair, named after the Ohio town in which it is located, is a train railcar repair shop operating from several locations as a running repair agent, focusing on quick repairs for clients. Cathcart said his time at Lindenwood, especially working with his professors, helped him prepare for the business world. “Lindenwood has always done a great job recruiting adjunct professors in their graduate program,” Cathcart said. “I met a tremendous professor, Charlie Forrest, during my graduate courses and went to work for him shortly before graduation. He taught me a lot in the first couple years of my professional career.” Thom Cathcart echoed his son’s sentiments. He remembers former president Dennis Spellmann speaking in his class about how the school and its campus were expanding. The Bucyrus Railcar Repair complex is already one of the largest general freight railcar facilities in the nation, but the company and its property are expanding. Spanning 60 acres with 330,000 square feet of indoor space, 38 repair spots, and holding capacity for 400 cars, the facility’s capabilities include heavy modification and wreck repair, new railcar assembly, parts fabrication, and non-hazardous cleaning. The operation grew from an area accommodating 125 cars to more than 200 in just over a year. Casey Cathcart’s track to success was crowded with railcars before he ever earned a Lindenwood degree. Cathcarts have worked in the train industry for generations. Thom retired from the Rock Island Line after nearly 40 years in the industry. His father worked in the rails and his father before him. Today, Bucyrus is a family affair with Casey’s parents and siblings working for the company in various roles. Thom Cathcart said he enjoys working with his family, and he is able to see Casey develop and improve each facet of the business. “I handle operations and he handles financials and sales,” Thom said. “At the same time, he’s learning operations and picking it up quickly.” The Cathcarts’ business ventures are growing, expanding through central Ohio. “As of today, Bucyrus Railcar Repair is the only subsidiary of Cathcart Rail Holdings, so 90 percent of my time is spent operating BRR,” Casey Cathcart said. “However, there may be some significant announcements coming out of CRH in the near future, as we are closing in on our second subsidiary operation.” With Cathcart Rail Holdings and Bucyrus Railcar Repair rolling, the Cathcarts are becoming major players in the train industry. Casey Cathcart said his path is well worth the hard work. “Take the risk,” Cathcart said. “Honestly, what do you have to really lose?” Lindenwood University ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT 3 CAMPUS NEWS ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT STUDENT SPOTLIGHT LINDENWOOD SPORTS ALUMNI EVENTS AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS ALUMNI NEWS & NOTES LINDENWOOD Winter 2017 The Cathcart family poses in front of a sign for Bucyrus Railcar Repair (from left, Casey’s mother Susan, sister Ashley, wife Gena, Casey Cathcart, Thomas Cathcart, and Casey’s brother Brad ). I met a tremendous professor, Charlie Forrest... and went to work for him shortly before graduation.” Casey Cathcart “