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Earning a Minor in Anthropology at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a minor in anthropology, which is 18 credit hours of coursework. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is of professional or personal interest. While earning a minor in anthropology you will study topics like cultural anthropology, Islamic societies, socio-cultural theory, race and ethnicity, social and cultural change, and more.

Combining a minor with a major of your choice could make you more marketable to potential employers upon graduation.

See the full list of course requirements for a minor in anthropology.

Why Anthropology?

Anthropologists are adventurous by nature.  We travel the country and the world and see things most never will. We are driven by the question of “Why?” Anthropologists find and understand the deep-seated issues that affect society and strive to fix problems in a meaningful and lasting way. 

In our Anthropology courses you will learn careful record-keeping, identify detail data, read analytically, and think critically. You will learn how to face social discomfort in different cultural settings and gain strong skills in oral and written expression. Using a range of social, behavioral, biological, and other scientific research methods, anthropology majors learn to supplement statistical findings with descriptive data gathered through working with the people themselves, or with their artifacts, and not just by sitting and watching online media.

Demand for anthropologists is increasing in many areas, stimulated by a growing need for analysts and researchers who can manage, evaluate, and interpret the large volume of data on human behavior. This occupational flexibility reflects the emphasis on breadth, diversity, and independence of thought, which an anthropology degree fosters. There are many career and educational options for anthropology majors. Anthropological study leads to both traditional anthropological careers of teaching and research as well as in Applied Anthropology. If you major in anthropology at Lindenwood, you will have a strong liberal arts degree that gave you exposure and experience in many practical career skills that will prepare you for many different types of careers in our increasingly global world.

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