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Historical Practices and Modern Interpretations: Understanding the Wai Khru Ceremony as a Thai Educational and Cultural Tradition

Faculty Article by Ryan V. Guffey, Ph.D. and Anothai Kaewkaen, MFA

The Impact of Federal Level Special Education Policy Internships in Preparing Special Education Faculty: A Preliminary Investigation

Faculty Article by Katie Miller, Lisa A. Finnegan, Wilfred Wienke, and Angel Lopez

Use of Technology for Children with Autism: Academic Success in the Least Restrictive Environment

Faculty Article by Laura Scott

Leading Through Logic Modeling: Capturing the Complexity

Faculty Article by Ann Sebald and Heidi Frederiksen

Housekeeping Chores or the Quality Education: The Dilemmas Faced by Lectures in Public Universities in Kenya

Faculty Article by Zedekia Sidha and Justine Magutu

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