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Number 3 - Summer / Fall 2015

Our third issue and as this one goes online, issues four and five are well along in their preparation stages. The goal of aiming to “be around for years to come” is what we want and, we feel, we are heading in that direction.

The three articles included in this issue, again represent a variety of issues important to Missouri. In the Guidelines for Authors, we stress, and emphasize this when working with authors, that our articles need to be aimed at the educated adult reader—clarity matters. This current issue continues that focus.

Lindenwood University offers an EdD program and we are pleased to be able to include an article version of an EdD dissertation (Charter Schools) in the current issue.

The hunt for topics addressing Missouri policy affairs, and the search for authors, is a constant ongoing process. We encourage readers to consider contacting the editor with topics they may be researching to discuss publishing their articles in future issues of the Missouri Policy Journal.

Cover: Denise Jacobson

Logo: Colleen M. Cernik, Lindenwood '14

Copy Editor: Shelley Walton


Charter Schools as a Choice for Missouri Families

Amanda N. Aldridge

Charter schools are publically funded, non-sectarian, tuition-free organizations that educate students. The charter model was created to allow schools to remain free from some governmental regulations and to offer parents a tuition-free choice for K-12 education. Across the country, millions of students attend charter schools, and another million remain on waiting lists to get into these schools. Ultimately, charter schools attract families that have similar belief systems and missions as the school claims, and again, offer parents a choice in public education. High quality educational options that provide a safe and nurturing environment for students and encourage personal growth and academic achievements are needed in Missouri.

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Access to Justice in the Show-Me State: Meeting the Civil Legal Needs of Low-Income Missourians

Melissa C. Emerson

Access to justice is a fundamental component of a healthy democracy. There is no right to an attorney in most civil legal cases in the United States, which has led to a growing justice gap. The availability of civil legal aid is largely dependent on where one is situated geographically. This article examines the current civil legal aid landscape in the state of Missouri, highlighting the funding sources, legal aid delivery mechanisms, and pro bono service among Missouri attorneys. Policy recommendations are provided that could serve to narrow the justice gap in the state.

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A Cardinal That Does Not Look That Red: Analysis of a Political Polarization Trend in the St. Louis Area

Clémence Nogret-Pradier

The political polarization of metropolitan areas is occurring widely within the United States. By highlighting the political polarization that has been underway for decades in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metropolitan area, this can serve as a way to understand political polarization within the St Louis metropolitan area. This article uses political and demographic data from the Missouri Information Spatial Data Information Service to take a close look at developments in the St Louis metropolitan area. Geographic Information System (GIS) was used and the maps were created using Archmap. The results suggest that political polarization is occurring within the St Louis metropolitan area.

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Guidelines For Authors

Providing a guideline as to the length of articles submitted is difficult since we aim to publish pieces which cover a topic in-depth and with a policy emphasis. Potential authors may want to contact the editor (jcernik@lindenwood.etestdu) to better determine relevancy and length. We are interested in receiving proposals for articles and will quickly respond to such inquiries. We are interested in a wide variety of issues affecting Missouri affairs. Furthermore, our interest can extend to topics that touch upon interstate and Midwest issues that highlight Missouri. National issues that focus on Missouri are equally welcome. Bear in mind that the words “detached and analytical” and “can be read by the average educated adult reader” used in the Purpose Statement are of paramount importance. Submissions will be sent to a reviewer (Missouri Policy Journal is a peer review journal) as well as a copy editor.

The basic standards are that submissions use the Chicago Manual (sometimes known as the Turabian) style of footnoting. An abstract will also be needed. Footnotes should be at the bottom of the page on which you cited the source. Authors can see the footnote style by examining a current issue and by examining guidelines here: A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Please note that when citing online sources you need to include in your footnote the date you accessed the source and a link to the article or study in addition to the standard footnote information, such as title of the article or study, author’s name (where applicable), page number (if there is one), date, etc. (You can see examples of footnotes for both print and online sources by visiting the link to Turabian footnotes above.) Because the Internet is constantly changing and the link to the source you cited may be gone by the time we publish an issue, including the access date shows the reader that the link was active when you conducted research, and making sure to include the other source details regarding title, date, etc., ensures that the reader can still find the original source should they so desire. If much time has passed from when you started your research to the time you send us the article, please check to see if the link still works—if it doesn't and you can find the information at a new, working link, please use the working link in your footnote. If the information is simply gone and you can’t find another link, please include the original link you used (with full source information and the access date, readers will understand that the link was active at the time you conducted research).

The journal will be published twice a year (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer). For the most part, we aim for four articles per issue. In addition, we are interested in shorter pieces by policymakers for a segment titled “One Perspective.” These pieces are not necessarily written in the same way articles are written, but are more like commentary pieces, or they might provide insight policymakers, public officials, newspaper editors, and journalists would like to share. Furthermore, we are also interested in review pieces which address publications or websites that are relevant to Missouri.

Editorial Board

Joseph A. Cernik, PhD
Chair, Department of Public Affairs & Administration
Professor of Political Science & Public Administration
Lindenwood University

Howard J. Wall, PhD
Associate Editor
Director, Hammond Institute for Free Enterprises
Director, Center for Economics and the Environment
Lindenwood University

Jeanie Thies, PhD
Dean of Institutional Research
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Lindenwood University

Eric Click, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Program Coordinator of Public Administration
ASPA Secretariat to the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC)
Hauptmann School of Public Affairs
Park University - Downtown Kansas City Campus

Board of Oversight

Board members represent a variety of professions. The views expressed in the articles are the authors’ alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors, the editorial board, the members of the Board of Oversight, or Lindenwood University. Board members are involved by: 1) suggesting topics that should be addressed in future issues of the journal, and; 2) sometimes recommending people to write articles (following the guidelines for authors). Their input is valuable to the journal being relevant to Missouri affairs.

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