Tuition and Fees 2021-22

Tuition and Fees 2021-22


When students have accepted an offer of admission to Lindenwood, students and their parents and/or guardians likewise accept all conditions of payment as well as all terms and regulations of the university. By making the non-refundable $200 housing deposit (described below), the student and the parent or guardian acknowledge these terms and signify acceptance of these obligations. No promise or contract that differs from these terms shall bind the university unless it has been signed by the president or his designated agent. The university reserves the right to increase or reduce fees each year according to changes in fiscal conditions.

Full-time Undergraduate Semester Tuition
Full-time Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $9,270 / semester
Overload fee (a charge to full-time students who take more than 18 hours in a term) $475 / credit hour

Part-time Undergraduate Tuition
Undergraduate Semester $475 / credit hour

Graduate Tuition
Graduate Semester $520 / credit hour
PCBE and Humanities $555 / credit hour
MFA $520 / credit hour
Education Specialist (EdS) $575 / credit hour
Doctor of Education (EdD) $815 / credit hour

Residential Charges
Double Resident Hall $5,100 - 5,200 / term
Single Resident Hall $5,200 - 5,500 / term
Triple Resident Hall $5,000 / term
Single Houses $5,600 - 5,800 / term
Meal Upgrade (Lion’s Feast) $200 / term

Other Fees
All Full-Time Undergraduate St. Charles Commuter Meal Plan $50 / semester
International Student Fee (Annual) $100
Housing Deposit (Non-Refundable) $200
Enrollment Deposit (Traditional New Undergraduates Only) $200
Graduation Fee - Undergraduate $100
Graduation Fee - Graduate $125
Study Abroad Fee $300
Promissory Note Fee $25 / term
Late Payment Fee $50 / month
Culminating Project Extension Fee - Undergraduate $50
Culminating Project Extension Fee - Graduate $150
EdD/EdS Graduation Fee $200
EdD Dissertation Publication $500
Experiential Learning Portfolio Fee $300
Experiential Learning Credit Fee $90 / credit hour
Early College Start On-site $100 / credit hour
Early College Start Off-site $60 / credit hour


(1) Provisions for “extended stay” housing and meals, degree programs, and tutoring and additional services are available upon request.

(2) Students are expected to pay tuition charges prior to the beginning of each term. Students may use financial aid (grants and loans) as payment. Student Aid Reports and loan applications should be submitted to the Student Financial Services prior to the beginning of each term.