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Make a Donation to Lindenwood Shotgun Sports



Our mission here at Lindenwood Shotgun Sports is ultimately to be competitive at the collegiate, national, and world level. All of us here at Lindenwood Shotgun Sports would like to sincerely thank all who have made any sort of contribution to our program. It is overwhelming to know that there are many kind-hearted individuals who are passionate about shooting sports and our success. Our heartfelt thanks to you all!

How Will My Donations Be Used?

Expenditures associated with clay target shooting are substantial. Our team consists of over 90 individuals who are striving for greatness in the classroom and on the range. With your donation, we can assist these talented athletes in competing on many different levels (USA National Team, ACUI Nationals, Discipline Nationals, and the All-American teams).

Why Are Donations Needed?

We recognize one of the major problems our industry faces is participation with all individuals during their early adult years. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these people never return to the games they once loved. Our vision, with your help, is to assist them with the costs (targets, ammunition, travel, and other related expenses) that come up while they are pursuing their education.


Lindenwood University
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