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The Women’s Rugby team wishes to thank all of our parents, relatives, and fans for your continued support and generous donations along our journey. Your support helps us to train and compete at the very highest levels. The personal and team experiences our student-athletes receive during their collegiate career at Lindenwood University help them to develop the skills necessary to meet all of life’s challenges and prepare them to be our leaders in future.

Player GPS Units

Individual GPS units are becoming extremely important to top end teams and how they approach their practices and preparation for games. The units we are looking at give an incredible amount of information feedback that put teams that use them far above those that do not. It allows coaches to see exactly how hard players are working around the field, they also give statistical breakdowns between 2 players or an entire team.

Recovery Pumps

This item has become a standard for any team that values performance and recovery throughout an entire tournament. The recovery pump systems takes compression sleeves for legs, hips or arms to a whole new level. The machine forces air into the sleeves which in turn forces lactic acid and other toxins in the blood out of the desired limb. Using this during competition days allows athletes to remain in top form for longer than normal.

Filming Drone

Drones have only recently been put to use in sport filming and are a massive advantage for teams that have them. Aerial views of practices and games help athletes with spacial awareness and depth on the field, as well as diagnosing the tactics of opposing teams. This model drone has all the capabilities we would need in order to film, analyze and diagnose tons of information to give us competitive advantages.


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