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Giving to Men's Cross Country and Track and Field

We appreciate you visiting our Men’s Cross Country and Track and Field fundraising page. The athletes of our teams are motivated in the classroom and on the track, field, and course. With your support, great things are in store for the upcoming season.

How Will My Donations Be Used?

Your donations will help supplement in a big way our support for each of our team members. Several key areas where your help would be much appreciated include additional training gear and apparel, equipment for training, and support to travel to quality competitions.

Why Are Donations Needed?

Track and field and cross country consist of several multi-faceted disciplines (throwing, jumping, running, hurdling, and relays). We would like to continue to improve the practice and meet experience for each of our different event groups. Your help will lead to a big jump in improved performances throughout the training year and big marks during the competition seasons.

Thank you for your kind support for our cross country and track and field programs at Lindenwood University. Our goal is to elevate the team members’ total experience as student-athletes. You are teaming up with us to make this happen!

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Giving to Men's Cross Country and Track and Field


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