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We would like to express our deepest thanks for everyone that chooses to donate to the Lindenwood swimming and diving program. Without additional financial support from alumni, family, and friends, the continued success of our student-athletes would not be possible.

How Will My Donations Be Used?

Your contributions will be used for our annual training trip fund to keep costs down for our student-athletes and also for high-tech swim suits, additional training aids (medicine balls, stretch cords, parachutes, etc.), the end-of-season banquet, and supplementation of team meals throughout the season. Once these items have been addressed, we dream of being able to outfit our team in additional apparel that we have never been able to provide in the past, such as shoes, workout shorts/shirts, and parkas, to name a few.

Why Are Donations Needed?

Many of these items that we plan to purchase from donations are not covered by our institutional budget. In order for our team to be competitive, we feel that these items are a necessity.

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