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Working with the Lindenwood Brand

Working with the Lindenwood Brand

A Guide to Consistent Communications, Graphics, and Style. We follow our brand personality in both language and design. The design and aesthetic of our branding materials mirrors the truths about Lindenwood University as a whole — combining the old with the new and invoking professionalism and authenticity.

Advancement and Communications

Who we are

Advancement and Communications serves as the primary link between Lindenwood and the rest of the world. We talk with people out in our community, donors, alumni, prospective students, and potential employers. We manage all top-level outward facing communications for the university. We are dedicated to ensuring that Lindenwood’s values of dedication, integrity, community, creativity, and excellence, are apparent in all the work that is seen by the public and our own community.

What we do

Simply put, we tell the Lindenwood stories. We create and communicate stories about our students, university, faculty, staff, alumni, and everything happening or connected to Lindenwood. We talk with people in the region. We engage alumni and donors, we support our staff and faculty and we elevate our brand with engaging, data-driven advertising. We use creativity to stand above the competition and generate top level brand awareness for the University.

Important Documents and Resources

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