Bursar's Office

Student Refunds

Student Refunds

The first available date for refunds will be the third Friday of the term. We no longer require a refund request. We will be analyzing all student accounts and refunding all qualified credits with confirmed attendance weekly. Overages that you do not wish to keep can be paid directly to your lender.

Refund Processing

Important Information

  • Pending aid will not be included in the amount refunded to you. This includes pending loans, grants, scholarships, etc.
  • Change to the book voucher policy: If you are issued a book voucher, the full amount of the voucher will be deducted from your account. Once the voucher expires, any unused portion will be credited to your student account and refunded to you if an overage exists.
  • If a credit card was used to pay on a student account, and there is no other payment on the account, the credit must be returned to the card used to make the payment. The policy is the same for online credit card payments.
  • If the credit on the student account includes a credit from a Parent Plus loan, the refund will be issued in the form of a check, up to the amount of the plus loan, to the parent and will be mailed to the address on the loan application. Any remaining credit will be issued to the student. If the parent wishes for the student to receive the credit, a letter must be faxed to (636) 949-4845 or brought to the Bursar's Office and must contain the student’s name and ID, permission from the parent for the student to receive it, and the parents’ signature along with a copy of their photo ID. 
  • The list for the current refund week will be made available by Thursday afternoon. All students will be notified by at that time by email that they are receiving a refund the following day. If you would like to see if your name has been added to the current list, please call the main line, (636) 949-4650, at that time.

Contact Information

Mubera Komsic
(636) 949-4930