Regalia (Cap and Gown)

Regalia (Cap and Gown)

All graduates participating in the commencement ceremony are required to wear appropriate academic attire. Participants should not borrow or plan to use regalia from a prior ceremony. All orders MUST be placed using the Herff Jones website for the May ceremonies. Graduates will need to use our online regalia ordering option.

Online orders must be placed between February 1 and March 8 by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time by going to the Herff Jones website listed below and clicking on the link “RESERVE A CAP AND GOWN”.

  • Select your degree level (Bachelor, Master, Specialist, or Doctorate).
  • Select your shipping method. You will be charged a fee for the optional “home shipping” method or choose “Pick up Regalia on Campus.”
  • Select the tab at the top of the screen, “Cap & Gown.” Herff Jones also offers package selections that are for purchase.
  • Click on the picture of the cap and gown.
  • Complete questions regarding your major and measurements.
  • Then click the “Proceed to Checkout” link and complete the remaining questions.
  • We will notify students via their student email once the regalia has arrived at the campus bookstore, including pick-up instructions if they have selected “ship to campus” option.

Visit the Herff Jones Website