The Campaign for Lindenwood University's Library and Academic Resources Center (LARC)

A Message From Our Campaign Chair

I am a proud alumnus of Lindenwood University, and I enthusiastically greet you as the Chair of the DOORS to the FUTURE Campaign. This campaign will result in a brand-new state-of-the-art Library and Academic Resources Center (LARC) at Lindenwood University. The new facility will pull together many student development departments and programs that are currently spread across campus and merge them together under one roof. A well thought out design plan includes advances in technology and cutting-edge amenities that students need and expect from a great university.

The LARC will provide a critical, essential campus resource to the entire student population of Lindenwood’s St. Charles campus, while at the same time contributing valuable resources and services to the Belleville campus, to our extension centers, and to the community at large.

Our Library and Academic Resources Center will be situated prominently on First Capitol Drive at the entrance to our flagship campus. It will be a signal to the community of Lindenwood’s commitment to student learning. I believe the library is the bedrock of the institution, and the new LARC truly represents the spirit and purpose of our University. A campaign goal of $7 million will support this $22 million building project. It is my honor to serve as Chair of this historic campaign, and I invite you to join me in garnering support that will provide students Doors to the Future!

Ron Gorgen, '98

Today & Tomorrow

Butler Library has served Lindenwood University well for over 85 years. However, it functions as a traditional, "on-ground" learning library with traditional library resources. Today’s library must be more than that. It should be a place that encourages community building; a place that provides a wealth of resources; a place that serves as an "information commons."

Lindenwood University’s new Library and Academic Resources Center will be just that. The new space will facilitate "online" learning and meet the needs of an evolving approach to education. With access to online databases, journals and other tools necessary for a 21st-century education, students will thrive and reach their full academic potential – all under one roof.

"A need for space for resources and the ability to house state-of-the-art technologies has transformed into a building that symbolizes what Lindenwood is all about," says Elizabeth MacDonald, Dean of Library Services. "To take a few words from the LU mission statement … ‘values-centered programs leading to the development of the whole person.’ That is exactly what this building represents."

"The space available to practice presentations in the new Library and Academic Resources Center is a great addition and will be very beneficial to every student."

— Austin Holtgrieve, '15

"People often wonder about the relevance of libraries today. I urge them to think about the collaboration and creativity that takes place in a library. It cannot be Googled, it cannot be digitized, it cannot be 3-D printed or stored in the Cloud. Libraries provide access to information, resources, spaces, technology and people that inspire educational creativity. And that is truly wonderful."

Elizabeth MacDonald
Dean of Library Services

The one-stop-shop learning experience in the heart of campus will keep the heritage of traditional books, but will look toward the future with new technologies. It will include:

  • Main library collections
  • 15 classrooms
  • Lab theatre and multi-media labs with editing suite
  • Group study areas
  • Computer lab
  • Reference materials
  • Library instruction
  • Academic advising areas
  • Student career services
  • Extended Hours Wi-Fi café and coffee shop

"College libraries are no longer just places to check out books or do homework. They are meeting places, media centers, digital repositories, and student services centers. Lindenwood’s new library will recast the mold in its unwavering dedication to student centeredness and proactive design that will serve our students well into the future."

— Ryan Guffey, PhD
Associate Vice President, Global Education

The LARC is a forward-thinking facility that goes beyond building a library. It is designed to provide for growth, expansion and collaboration of existing programs. The facility will remove current silos and enable departments to work together programmatically, while also providing students with the support services they need.

The student development areas moving to the new building include the following departments:

  • Student Academic Support Services
  • Office of First-Year Programs
  • Writing Center
  • Office of International Students and Scholars
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Lindenwood Online
  • Office of Career Development
  • Center for Teaching Excellence

The Lindenwood culture exudes a desire and willingness to meet the needs of our students. With the new LARC, we are bringing the facility up to 21st-century standards. We are meeting students where they are – and giving them what they expect.

"I think it’s great the wi-fi café and coffee shop will have extended hours, so students will have another place to meet and study."

— Kacey Scharnhorst, '16

Alpha Chi Pi, a national honors society representing Lindenwood students with the top 10 percent GPAs, donated $5,000 to the Doors to the Future campaign. The society, which consists of junior, senior, and graduate students from all disciplines, will receive naming rights to one of the study spaces in the new building. Pictured (from left to right): Development Director Mark Bohr, Department Chair of the Initial Teacher Education Program and Alpha Chi Pi advisor Mary Ruettgers, Elementary Education Department Chair and Alpha Chi Pi advisor Vanessa Cochran, Education Associate Professor and Alpha Chi Pi advisor Lynda Leavitt, Library Services Dean Elizabeth MacDonald, and Development Director Jessica Gatewood.

A “Book Brigade,” a human chain stretching across campus from Butler Library to the new Library and Academic Resources Center, was held on Thursday, Aug. 24, passing books from the old building to the new.

After transferring a token collection of books (about 50 volumes) from one building to the other, participants and the news media went inside and took a look at the new building to see what a 21st century university library looks like: virtual reality, a multimedia area with separate editing suites, traditional and electronic stacks, smart classrooms, and a variety of other resources for learning, not to mention a Starbuck’s coffee shop.


You can download various campaign materials here.

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