First-Year Programs

First-Year Programs


The Office of First-Year Programs is committed to providing first-year students with the support and resources needed to have a successful transition to Lindenwood University. First-year students are all traditional undergraduate students who are attending college for the first-time and transfer students with less than 24 transferable credits who have not successfully completed a Freshmen Seminar course at their previous institution. First-year students includes all students who are currently enrolled in high school, regardless of the amount of college credit they have earned.

First-Year Programs

  • Provides services to enhance first-year students' academic and personal development.
  • Works towards fully engaging and integrating first-year students into the university community.
  • Provides individual support to students who are facing academic and personal issues.
  • Creates developmental activities and essential support programs for first-year students

First-Year Programs is dedicated to the academic and personal success of all first-year students. The office offers a comprehensive and intentional experience that supports student learning and involvement.

Your new first-year connections are of paramount importance to us, which is why we provide First-Year Experience, Freshmen Seminar, and one-on-one support to assist with the transition to college.

All first-year students and incoming students with less than 24 credits are encouraged to utilize the support services of First-year Programs. We look forward to meeting you and helping you have a fun and successful transition to Lindenwood University!

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First-Year Programs Resources


Lindenwood University First-Year Programs has partnered with Innovative Educators to bring to our students some really exciting resources. One of these resources is called StudentLingo.  StudentLingo is a fully-hosted series of 50 online student success workshops designed to support student learning, personal growth, and health & wellness. Topics include: Time Management, Stress Management, Study Skills, How To Take Tests Online and more. All 50 workshops are closed captioned in English & Spanish, include resources & activities, and have certificates of completion. You and your students can access any of these modules by logging into our single sign-on First-Year Programs Hub at:

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