Nonprofit Entrepreneurship

Nonprofit Entrepreneurship


Welcome to the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship services for nonprofit organizations, where together, we work to further advance their essential Mission.

America’s 1.3 million nonprofits — including the 15,000+ that exist within the St. Louis Metropolitan Area alone — are addressing our communities’ greatest social, environmental, and economic challenging challenges, often within resource-constrained environments. An entrepreneurial mindset can drive innovation in nonprofits by providing new frameworks for thinking, acting, and empowering nonprofit leaders and employees to recognize opportunity, remain adaptable through setbacks, and become effective problem-solvers in the face of change. Resources available to regional nonprofits through the Duree Center include:

Nonprofit 360

In partnership, Lindenwood University’s Duree Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Value Alliance, we offer a high-value, intensive training program — Nonprofit 360 — for St. Louis regional nonprofit organizations looking to expand their capacity in all domains of operational leadership. The in-person 11-session program assigns field experts to topics such as strategic planning, volunteer management, fund development, human resource operations, and more. Upon completion of the instructional program, participants receive mentoring and peer support to assist in operationalizing lessons learned.

Our next cohort begins in September 2024 and registrations are open.

Download the program brochure and apply.  

Capacity Building Services

The Duree Center can provide consulting services for nonprofit organizations in need of a customized individual support on capacity building challenges. On a contractual basis, the Center works with organizations to develop a specialized scope of work. Our highly trained experts can assist organizations on a variety of issues, such as:

  • Board governance (including full or half-day retreats)
  • Strategic planning (including full or half-day retreats)
  • Leadership coaching
  • Volunteer management
  • Philanthropy and social impact measurement
  • Skill development (i.e., grant writing, logic models, program evaluation) 

Nonprofit Modeling

Utilizing the same methodology employed by innovative for-profit companies, the Duree Center uses a product/service innovation framework to provide a custom diagnostic for nonprofit organizations.  A certified facilitator guides nonprofit organizations through a simple visual structure/business plan to tell the story of how resources flow within the context of their organization. Used in tandem with the existing strategic planning process an organization has previously adopted, the two-session process is complemented by a diagnostic write up and follow-up “what next?” support provided by industry experts.


"I was reminded of the importance of donor follow-up and relationship building and gained many tips and tricks for improving our fundraising practices."

"Heather and the participants shared several wonderful ideas to take back to my organization. I cannot wait to implement new post-event donor strategies!"

"I really enjoyed our presenter, Dr. Julie Turner. I appreciated how straight forward she was in her teaching style. She created an environment of learning that encouraged collaboration and questions. She was also fun and funny which made the 6-hour training per day feel like 1 hour."

"This class provided an incredible amount of applicable and practical information when tackling a grant! The class prepares you in a way to prevent the common mistakes made that keep you from getting funded. Highly recommend taking this class!"

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