Student Opportunities

The Duree Center for Entrepreneurship's (DCE) programs will expose Lindenwood students to a variety of experiences involving entrepreneurial endeavors, thus affirming, Real Experience Real Success. This includes participation in program development and delivery as well as exposure to startup founders.  Additionally, the Center is working with LU faculty to infuse innovative methodologies within the curriculum.

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Community Engagement Hub

DCE, in partnership with Economic Impact Catalyst, is also proud to offer students a Community Engagement Hub supporting the needs of entrepreneurs through a robust Mentor network. This dedicated portal serves as the nexus between company founders and Mentors, offering algorithmic matching by industry, expertise area, and founder company status. We strive for good, though not perfect, matches between Mentors and Mentees.

Students can also benefit from this hub by partnering with Mentors who specifically want to work with future and budding entrepreneurs who’ve yet to complete their formal education. If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, Apply to the Community Engagement Hub.

Academic Emphasis

Did you know Lindenwood University's Plaster College of Business & Entrepreneurship offers an Entrepreneurial Studies emphasis within the Business Administration degree program? Learn more about this program.

For the first time in its history, Plaster College, through the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship, is offering a class around innovation, offering a framework for turning solutions into working business models.  This class, Build Products Customers Want, is offered in an on-ground format.

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