Exercise and Performance Nutrition Lab (EPNL)

Exercise and Performance Nutrition Lab (EPNL)


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The Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory (EPNL) at Lindenwood University is housed within the College of Science, Technology, and Health and primarily serves the students, faculty and staff members in the Exercise Science and Human Performance programs. In addition to supporting undergraduate internships and graduate student research, core faculty members involved in the EPNL are active members of key professional organizations and have a growing number of externally funded research projects. The EPNL was formally developed in December 2014 and since that time, unprecedented administrative and external support has allowed the laboratory to support a growing number of projects and students. The EPNL functions as the central nexus of teaching, mentoring and research activities within the College of Science, Technology, and Health and strives to develop a national reputation for conducting high-quality clinical research studies and to become a leader of disseminating and translating scientific information related to exercise, nutrition, health, performance and body composition. Through these efforts, the EPNL intends to establish itself as a valuable resource for students, parents, coaches, companies, health care providers and other medical providers.

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